Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Can i go back? Can I Can I??

Ganny House, Birkerthwaite, Cumbria.  AKA Home for a week :)


This little cottage was at the top of the fells, above Eskdale, near Boot.


I rather thought it suited me :)


We had to buy wood from the local shop (which really hurt considering we have several tonnes of wood cut up waiting to be burned at home…but no space to take it up there in the new vehicle…)


I totally fell in love with the kitchen.  That Aga was fabulous.  But i can’t imagine what it would be like in the height of summer…i mean, there’s no ‘off’ button….


We did a few low-ish level walks around the cottage


The views were pretty lovely

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And just to prove that i did do it.  I climbed Pillar :)


This was me after we had been going up for about 2 hours and they showed me where we were heading for :O)


Yes. I’m pretty darned chuffed that i did it.Another one of the Wainwright walks ticked off the list.

I have no pictures of us having our lunch in the shelter at the top as by then the fog and rain had enveloped us and it was all i could do to get all my layers of clothes on, my hands were so cold i couldn’t be bothered to get my camera out of my backpack!


Yes this was me underneath all those layers. On the way down.

3 hours of up, and 2 hours of down.

Feel free to congratulate me :)

The next day we rested ;)

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