Saturday, 16 October 2010

Saturday Fun!

Mr D made us a cooked breakfast this morning :)

tumblr_kz2nzyFe7M1qzz3tno1_500_thumbI swept up the autumn leaves from the back yard


I’ve been busy this week making Halloween goodies for work, and I’m planning on  decorating the cake cabinet with cobwebs, bats etc. I’ll be sure to take pics of that when it happens! So with Vanessa’s help I made these:

(Before clicking on this link…be sure you have a few hours to spare because Vanessa’s Blog at A Fanciful Twist is one you won’t be in a hurry to leave :)

Mr D went off for the day, first to fell a big tree with his friend that was about to fall in the reservoir, lucky for us as it means we get to keep that wood for next winter :)

I spent the afternoon with my sister and 8yr old niece, we went out for supplies, and baked.


Mr D is out tonight with the band, gigging at a private party, so I’m home alone.

Well not totally, I have some company


Love it

dvdRead this book years ago, been waiting for the right time to watch the film…well it’s not really a ‘Mr D’ kind of film :)

003 - Copy

Then there’s this that came though my door last week and i haven’t read it yet!

ec92e76737c0ea33e0ebe87c16568364-f9da0b6ec1d4e708cc8fdc2811a2cfb1Well gotta amuse myself while I’m waiting for Mr D to get home ;)

post100820102_thumb  Hope your Saturday is a Happy one!


  1. Oh my gosh My Sister's Keeper... I cried during the ENTIRE thing.

  2. A cooked breakfast is an excellent way to start the weekend - especially if someone else cooks it AND washes up :)

  3. Sounds like a lovely day, from the cooked breakfast (I love when someone else makes me breakfast! such a rare treat around here...) to the autumn leaves to the baking and the evening in with a movie and a magazine.

    Enjoy the weekend!