Thursday, 25 November 2010

Let it Snow…



The Frost has arrived.

I saw snow flakes today.


But hardly.  I Really want it to snow.  I love snow.  A lot

I want to put my boots and tights  on and walk to the shops to buy the groceries.

Then I want to sit in the cafe while the windows steam up .  And read my book.


I want to laugh at the people trying to drive the mile round trip to work/shop/.  I want to say how stupid that lady is for wearing her Ugg boots in the ankle deep snow.  Wet feet anyone?

I want to smirk at the silly girl fighting to get her brolly the right way around in the snow storm.

003 - Copy

I might even take some pics and blog about it in front of the fire ;)

imagesCAO0UH2O I mean…come on…. I got the right Vehicle and everything.


It’d be a shame not to put it to use :)

Do you love the snow?


  1. Ugh I HATE snow. I am living in the wrong place!

  2. I hate the snow, dammit. It's so cold and soggy!

  3. I love snow as long as I can look at it from a nice warm house!

  4. I do love the snow, but not when I've got to go out - especially drive anywhere! I do love wrapping up warm in all the cosy winter clothes though.

  5. haha great post! i love snow! and that photo of the (nto sure what it is, some kind of deer?) on top of the car is so funny!