Monday, 22 November 2010

Weekend Fun

Friday I had the day off :)  So my weekend was Friday and Saturday..Friday night I went with Mr D to see the boys play.  They are doing great, the pub was sooooo busy there was no room for dancing!  I wore my new boots (see previous post) and I got so many compliments about them I was indeed chuffed.


It hurt though.  Getting to bed at 2am.  I’m not as young as I used to be.  Or maybe I’m out of practise!?

Saturday morning I got in Lilly  (Landy) and drove to Cambridgeshire to visit my friend Lisa.  Lisa and I went to college together (a long time ago) It’s nice to catch up with her. We went to lunch at a local farm, which also happens to be the only crocodile farm in Europe.  The cafe was delicious



There was other animals to visit..


And we queued in the shop to buy goodies, although we declined the crocodile meat on sale!



Here you can see the crocs feeding time..

Saturday night was another night out..(two in a row! no wonder I’m tired this morning!)

Sun was work all day, booooooooo but it was good. Other things included..

*Watching the film ‘Next’ on DVD with Mr D

*Visited a friend with sis for Panini's and cupcakes

*Sold my old car on ebay! woooohoooooo!

*Finally finished the Christmas rota for work.. relief..

Here’s to another great week!


  1. Isn't that funny - going to bed late used to never be a problem. Now it ruins the next day for me!

  2. ah just came across your blog and wow the description in your profile, living by the sea and having fun with your husband, sounds like you're licing the perfect life!! :)

  3. Sounds like a fabulous weekend x

  4. Glad you had a lovely weekend! I know what you mean about staying up late. Not sure what age it happens; I'm even contemplating an afternoon snooze!

  5. weekends are always the best! stay up late and sleep in late!

  6. Sounds like a great weekend, Claire! And poor crocs, being sold off for meat...

    I seem to be unable to stay up later than 12 am these days - and that's really pushing it!

  7. Congrats on selling your car, and for the fun weekend! :-)

  8. Sounds like a lovely weekend to me! YAY!