Sunday, 28 November 2010

Weekend Fun :)

Friday I went to my Sister’s work Christmas Meal.  One of those have-a-meal-and- a- disco nights at a local hotel.

Theory being lots of companies do the same, hence lots of mixing and socialising with different people.

Except there wasn’t.  Other companies I mean. Maybe it was too early for them.  Maybe they were at the same Beer festival as MR D?  Maybe they just wanted to stay in and be un- Christmasy? 

Well Boo to them.

So that meant there was a private disco for the girls.

Now you know I like a good wiggle on the dance floor.  But disco's?  Not usually my thing.


There are some songs that will get me up.

To name but a few. 

So go on then… What can’t you resist?

And yes my neck did hurt Saturday.  I know it’s my own fault.



  1. Oh those really are the best songs to dance to!

  2. Brick House does it for me every time!

  3. I don't really now, I love to dance and love these songs:)