Monday, 27 December 2010

Christmas Fun!


Hope Christmas was fabulous for everyone! It certainly was in the Day household.

I was lucky to be off work for the few days leading up to Christmas, so being the flowery housewife that I aspire to be..I made lots of cakes for gifts


I found some little decorative letters and put them on cupcakes, and decorated tins and boxes for people..




Christmas Eve was a lovely day, Mr D went shooting, so I played house and played hostess to some visitors & exchanged some gifts. (And restrained myself from opening them..)

That night we went to a friends open house, where I once again praised our government for the smoking ban. Not being used to smoke in pubs now just makes it worse when we visit with friends who smoke. Bleeeeeeeeeur.

Christmas Eve night I worked at my sleep over job. I took some of Nigella’s Christmas Muffins for breakfast, which she loved :), then it was home to see if Santa had visited! And guess what?! HE HAD!!!!!

Mr D & I spent the day together, cos thats how we like it, there was a walk to the sea to support a friend taking part in a charity Xmas Day Dip! eeeeeeek! COLD!

Back soon with pics of Christmas Day Fun! :)

Can’t believe it’s over for another year, but we have plenty of fun to come this week too :)


  1. Those are so cute girly! Hope you guys had a great holiday:-)

  2. Sounds like a fabulous holiday weekend! I'm so bummed it's over!

  3. Sounds fabulous! Have a wonderful week x

  4. Yummy, those are cute AND they look delish!

  5. Sounds like a fabulous day! And wow, I love those cakes! Gorgeous.

  6. Sounds like you had a lovely Christmas! I wish I could make cakes :P