Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Oh Christmas Tree

Have you gathered by now that I Love Christmas?

Well, in case you have been living under a rock…I do.

I used to have a real tree,  it had to be a smallish one, in a pot, as our rooms aren’t very big. But a couple of years ago I decided to buy an artificial one from a charity shop, I love it.  It’s green. It’s smallish.


A few of my friends have different coloured trees…black…white….pink…. i don’t get that… Trees are green aren’t they? Is it trendy to have a coloured one? Is it to go with your decor? But your decor isn’t black or pink so that doesn't work! Am I missing something????

My Tree has a bit of a theme, Mum has, for the last few years been buying me an ornament and this year I got 2!

Normally they have an Angel theme, but this year I have a bell as well..



From Italy (i think!?)

I love unwrapping my ornaments each year :) I always decorate my tree on my own, Mr D does love Christmas…he has no choice… but he’s not really a tree decorator. This is not as sad and lonely as it sounds. I love it. It’s mine. And I get to put the fairy on top :)  People who say Christmas is for children should try it without ;)

Today has been a Christmassy Day, no work, the hairdresser came and we had a salon morning with 3 of us :) I made Nigellas’s Xmas Muffins…try them! They are delish!

Then I went and did some shopping with my Niece. I bought her some shoes for her Xmas. I made her walk and dance in New Look just to prove she could without toppling over haha (well I know I wouldn’t be able to), but then I’m not 18 am I!

3 more sleeps!! :)


  1. The hubs wasn't really into decorating when we first met...Three and a half years of marriage later and he's more into it than me. HA!

  2. Oh my goodness! I love Christmas too! I used to think that everyone loved Christmas because well, how could you not?! But then I became an adult and realized that there are a bunch of Scrooges out there!

    We have a white tree and I love it. I think we like it so much because it seems kinda retro and we just love having crazy/different things in our home. To me, I would never buy an artificial green Christmas tree because sometimes you don't know if it's real or not. But that's probably because real Christmas trees here in Oregon only cost $10-15 so I'm like, if you want a green tree, chop one down and get the delicious Christmas scent that comes with it! But still, a lot of friends here are like you and have an artificial green one! Whatever gets you in the holiday spirit!

  3. Ohhh I love Christmas too, my whole household does thankfully! I wish I had time to bake, I want to make those muffins!