Thursday, 2 December 2010

This week..



My Snow Dances did the trick.  Claire is a happy girl :) And you know that if I’m happy, we can all rest.

I visited the sister shop in Colchester :) Took some cakes that I had made.



Watched the world go by from the shop for a little while :)

I haven’t read many books lately, but this week I read this one in a day..


It was very easy reading, I have the next two in the series and although I’m not tripping over myself to get to the book case for the next one..I did find it entertaining in a young – outcast –getting –beaten –up –by –the- ‘in crowd’- meets –cool –kids- who also –happen- to- be- vampireslayerish (but not in a Buffy way) kids,- and –oh –look –now –she’s –actually –quite- cool- herself –and- is- kicking –in –crowd -ass…..kind of way.  

So yes, I will read the rest, eventually.

We went out in the snow to a nearby (but far enough in the country to enjoy the new vehicle) village for a friends bday, it snowed, we sat by the huge open fire. We didn’t want to leave :)

I didn’t take my camera but if you are ever in Earl Soham, I would recommend this pub, for great food, a huge warm fire, and a carryout :)


Today and tomorrow is effectively my weekend as I’m working Sat and Sun.

Today, I spent the morning with My Sis :)


The afternoon was spent with Mr D.  Finding excuses  to drive about.

In the snow. 


Tomorrow? Well that my friends, is a very good question.

Who the hell knows what I’ll be getting up to. I have nothing to doAnd all day to do it.



  1. Hope you have a lovely day! I'm having a lazy day myself, in my WARM house LOL.

  2. sounds like a great weekend, haha im really hoping that the snow stops soon so that gatwick reopens otherwise im going to have rebook my flight! but other than that fingers corssed for a white christmas!