Friday, 31 December 2010

What Santa Brought

Christmas Day seems like THAT long ago now, we’ve had a week of socialising,  and eating. It’s a funny thing, this eating around Christmas. It feels compulsory. Like it would be bad if we stopped for..oh 5 minutes…

I keep looking at my wee stash of loot from Santa and I feel lucky :)

A few things  I got… these lovely PJ’s and Bed Jacket set from my sis. Yes I did say Bed Jacket. No I’m not 84. But, what can i say? I am nice and cosy :)


You can’t see my feet but I’m wearing my new slippers from Mr D.

Btw, that was me ‘dressed’ for dinner. New Pj’s, slippers and necklace. Rock & Roll :)

You also can’t see but I’m also wearing my new Blue Topaz & Marcasite necklace from my Mum & Dad..heres a close up..


To go with that my sis also bought me this fab marcasite brooch which cunningly can double as a pendant


I did get rather a lot of alcohol, including 3 bottles of Rose wine, a bottle of Port, a bottle of gin (complete with a pack of little tonic waters!) but if you think that’s telling, Mr D racked up a total of 6 bottles of Malt Whiskey!!

I also got books! Yipppeeeeee! I LOVE getting books, but it doesn't often happen, due to the fact that I read so much, People tend not to risk buying me any, so I was chuffed to get these two off Mum & Dad..

book 3

Who doesn't like a good Christmassy Story?..And this one I’ve looked at & looked at, but due to my tightness at buying brand new books, ‘Ive never got it..


Oh and Mr D got the hint & bought me this one, which is made extra special because it’s against my religion generally to buy Hard back books.. :)

book 2

Other lovely pressies were…some yummie hand made chocs from a friend..


And how can I not mention the top which came from Father in law..

27724_default_m Didn’t he do well?! It’s from Fat Face, which I know that really it’s probably quite easy as there isn’t much in that shop I wouldn’t wear..but still…he’s a man..and he bought this all by himself. You have to be impressed :)

That’s all I have pics of.. but I did get a few other goodies too..

A pair of amber earrings from Mother in law

Socks. Lots of Socks. But good socks, so I’m not moaning, mum…:)

Notecards… cos you know There’s nothing like sending a wee note to people

A new Scarf, (this is almost a tradition, like new Pj’s I’m not sure it would be Christmas without..

A pewter Land Rover pin badge. Cos I’m in the gang.

A voucher from Mr D to go towards my new camera which I’m saving for :)

There you have it! Who’s a lucky girl then?!

Can we believe this is the last day of 2010. I’m off to get ready for tonight's festivities…

Have Fun!! :)


  1. Wow! That's a lot of loot! I love that you paired your pretty pjs and bed jacket with a necklace and voila! You were all fancy for Christmas dinner. Fabulous!

    Happy New Year!

  2. You'll have to tell me how Her Fearful Symmetry is, I've been wanting to read it!

  3. Wow what lovely gifts! Happy New Year!

  4. Wow you got spoilt! That bed jacket looks so comfy, I have one similar and they're the best things ever! Happy New Year to you :-)

  5. A good haul!
    I bought Her Fearful Symmetry with my Christmas book token cos I loved The Time Travellers Wife. Looking forward to reading it.
    Have a good 2011!

  6. Hello Claire ..Thank you for calling over to my blog.. Wow you did get some very lovely gifts..

    I got some new boots from Schhuuu, a new duvet coat from Gap, and Pj's from gap .. earrings, bath stuff which I always ask for, candles too. But no books and I haven't bought any for ages. I do love the jacket with your pj's .. nice and comfy.

    I always decorate our tree on my own too.. all my decorations are neatly wrapped up . I used to do quite a kiddies tree , when kids were younger now , all glass !

  7. You got some lovely pressies. I love your necklace and brooch, I'm a big marcasite fan myself. I too never buy hardbacks, unless they're non fiction and something I really want.