Sunday, 12 December 2010

Xmas Letters. (Round Robin or otherwise?)

Its that time of year send out the cards. I have thoughts about Christmas cards…and the letters (or not) that you put in with them.

Me? I enjoy writing my cards every year. Last night I sat in front of my log fire, Xmas lights twinkling, glass of wine, and picked out the cards from my pile which I thought would be suitable for each person.


Notes inside? Well definitely more than the

To X Lots of Love Y’

Personally i get slightly irritated if I receive a card which doesn't even have my name inside, just saying the senders name.

You know who you are.

If you can’t be bothered to write a sentence then really. Don’t. Bother. I mean.


Then there’s the dreaded round robin. Thoughts on these?

Well as you asked…

There’s a fine line between too little and I-really-don’t-care-about-your-perfect-holiday-in-the-Maldives-with-the-husband-I-don’t-like-and-the-children-I've-never-met..

Really, if the extent of correspondence with someone amounts to a once a year month by month account of their lives then is that relationship worth anything? If it was then you would know all this stuff wouldn't you? And if you don’t know that your friend who you haven’t seen since you were both hanging out in the town centre wearing ra- ra skirts has just had a pay rise which puts her into the higher tax bracket it’s because you don’t want to.

Why do people assume that a once a year letter has to contain this stuff. Would they ever just think to pick up the phone and say ‘hey I know we haven’t been in touch since high school..but I just thought I would let you know…as it's Christmas…that we had a fabulous holiday in Kenya in the summer, and oh guess what? we’re moving to a bigger house! Well we’ll need it for the next 2.4 children.’ No. They wouldn’t.

Whether they are emails, which don’t even have your name on the top like a proper letter or printed out letters which just have the names changed at the top, they feel impersonal, they could be sent to anyone, and are.

Grandma gets the same letter as that couple you met at a concert and ended up swapping addresses with but haven’t been in touch with since, and probably wouldn’t even like except that the beer was flowing and that makes everyone your best friend..right?

So that's my opinion anyway..what's yours? Are you gulity of sending Round Robbin letters Bobbing onto people's doormats?

Just wondering.. :)


  1. Haha completely agree with you on this. I must admit, I start off really well and write a little something in each card, but then I get lazy. I'm really going to try this year though!

  2. If I don't have time to do it right, I don't do it. Hence, why cards aren't going out this year. HA!

  3. I write a little personal message inside most cards, no round robins and ALWAYS a name, at the very least.

  4. Haha you are way too funny and totally cute Claire.

  5. I'm terrible with Christmas cards and lately my effort has pretty much decreased into almost-zero. I wouldn't even attempt the round robin!

  6. i don't send christmas cards to anyone, because i don't want to set the bar too high. also....i hate the cards where people just sign there names. lame. why waste the $ on postage? and the round robin cards....even lamer. i think if i actually did send christmas cards i'd probably just include a couple of sentences about something pertinent to both sender and recipient :).

    i might actually want to send christmas cards if i had a cozy little set-up like yours. fire, wine....lovely :).