Sunday, 28 February 2010

In which we drank champagne & ate Strawberrys all the way to London & back!

As promised a few posts back, the pics of the Taxi (Limo) to London Town!

A Limo? for me? she asked as she saw what awaited outside....

There was even scrummy cup cakes in case we were peckish, and who wouldn't be when faced with these mmmmm

We had a bit of a dance on the way to get us in the mood, and the lovely Tony dropped us off at Covent Garden, where we had a look around and saw some sights..

The pic below is the Mustgoto Sweetie shop at Covent garden where you can drool over the jars of sugar mice and gobstoppers, or buy the extravagantly packaged (and priced) Cath Kidson boxes of chocolate!

We saw the show, as mentioned previously, and then good old Tony picked us up and took us home. Luckily for us, there was supplies left for the journey home :)

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Rainy Days..

After the snow came... we now have rain.
Lots of it.

This makes me smile :)
Must go and put my wellies on and go and dance...

Monday, 22 February 2010

The Time of Your Life!

The time came for us to go and see Dirty Dancing in London.
To say some (all) of us were excited would be a slight understatement.
The Limo (yes Limo, you did read that right!) dropped us at Covent Garden, where we had a mooch around the shops, bought some treasures, had a cup of coffee, while we passed the time.

We queued to get in the theatre..

And then it really was time for the show..

The set was fabulous, and the cast were exactly how they should have been, they had obviously watched the film as many times as we had :)

And yes... they did the lift...
Pics of the limo ride to come....

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Baked Goodies

I've been practising my Baking (yes whilst wearing my new favourite necklace as posted about below, it arrived! and i LOVE it!)

This week was another go at cookies, i've tried to make cookies before but they turned out too shortbreadlike for my liking..

With the help from this book, i made some that i was actually quite happy with.

They've nearly all gone :)

In fact i think i deserve one now.

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Treating Yourself..

I bought myself a little treat, something i've had my eye on for quite a while. I decided i deserved it.
Yesterday i found one on ebay and punched in the magic numbers...and it was mine!!!
I've been dreaming of my very own silver piece with those words 'Return to Tiffany' on it ever since i went there last year.

That was quite an experience being in that store. The shinyness of the cabinates full of sparkly goodies, and the nice uniformed men who smiled and pressed the lift buttons and answered all your questions, and didn't seem to mind that you were only looking and would never be able to afford anything in there.
But now i have afforded a little treat, and i can't wait to get it.

In between buying treats, i've just finished this book:

I like Carole's books, they are good story's esay to read. This one was funny and sad, and happy.

Tuesday, 9 February 2010


It's that month again.....

Love is....
not just looking at each other.. but looking in the same direction.
Happy Valentines.

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Handmade Hearts and Goodie Jars

I put my sewing machine away just before Christmas, but not before i had made a few things as pressies.
I looked through my jars of ribbons and buttons,

...And decided to make some pretty hanging hearts.
This is a Christmas one but i did make some 'Shabby Chic syle' but unfortunately didn't get a photo of those before they were wrapped up and gifted away..

I think everyone on my pressie list also got one of these, a jar filled with chocolate money and wrapped up with Love :)

I am determined that this will be the week my sewing machine will come out again and my dining room will once again be filled with buttons and pearls :)
I will post pics of whatever i make

Monday, 1 February 2010

Exciting Theatre Trips..

This month, i am looking forward to the trip to London to see Dirty Dancing, which is part of a 40th Bday treat for my big sis.
This is a fav with everyone i'm sure, so we are very excited!!

I've just finished reading this book, we went away for the weekend and i admit to being a teeny bit antisocial on the Sun morning, as i just had to finish it... I love all Sophie's books and this one didn't dissapoint, it was great, made me want to put a flapper dress on and go dance the Charlston whilst sipping cocktails...:)

...and this is the book i read previous to that one, i enjoyed it. I'm sure most book people have read PS I Love You, and liked it, but then i was a bit dissapointed with her follow ups, iI even didn't finish A Place Called Here, this however i read very quickly and loved :)