Friday, 30 April 2010

Trinkets make me happy :)

A while ago i spoke (typed) of my new love that is Pip Studio, go and see for yourself
I have 2 cups at the moment, but i'm dreaming of so much more...

The collection is very Cath Kidsonesque, but i think i like it more

The tea pot is large, i may buy that next, because, you know, a girl needs a pretty teapot & cups :)

I'll be working over the weekend (the teapot collection is going strong) and have fun stuff planned for Bank Holiday Monday, really hope the sun shines on you and yours :)

Monday, 26 April 2010

That time of year

I managed to go through about 33years of my life without suffering from Hayfever, then one year a few years ago it hit me unexpectedly, and ever scince i have suffered on and off.
Last night Mr D and I went out with some friends. All was very well in our world.

In the middle of the night i woke and couldn't breathe! I sniffed and blew, eventually resorting to putting Olbas Oil (ok, how old do i feel writing that!) on my pillow to try and get some sleep. Mr D slept through, waking this morning to 'what on earth is that smell!!??'
I have been looking and it seems that the pollen count is high at the moment, so there's the explanation.

I may resort to pills tonight as i cant face another night like that after my busy day at work.

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Pressie's for me!!! :)

I would like to say a Huge
to my little pressie giver over at
My day was brightened up by a lovely parcel.
There's something about pressie's wrapped in tissue that makes me smile :)

Inside was this sweet little crotchet owl. I've named him Olli.

He came with a set of lovely postcards, and i'm about to write one to my granny as i know that she loves getting little notes from me.

So in case i didn't already love the blogging world, that did kind of seal the deal :)
Apart from recieving gifts, working really hard and going out for little motorbike rides.. i have found time this week to put my bedsocks on, curl up in bed.. (because no matter how busy you get, you know there's always time for books)

...And read this book, Hush Hush, by Becca Fitzpatrick.
Given to me by my niece & fellow book lover.
I am coming to the conclusion that Fairies and Angels are the new Vampire..
This is about a Fallen Angel, and his quest to get his wings back, but, you know how it goes, it's tough when you start falling for the girl you were set on killing.... I read this in a couple of days, it's Young Adult, so nothing too taxing for my 37yr old brain, Becca's debut novel, and one which would make me read her next one.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Thursday, 22 April 2010

It's a Tough Job...

I thought i'd show where i spend most of my time during the sunny days..
I'm lucky that i can just walk along the prom to here..
We've been experimenting the last weeek or so..., so as well as all the yummie home made ice cream to choose from..
You can buy a little bag of cookies to take home for yourself or a loved one :)

Or really go mad and have a cup cake with your latte, this is something i've wanted to do for sooo long, and i think we may be getting there

We can even put a candle in it's your Birthday:)

Our cake cabinet has never looked so good!

I do love my job, even if i have a moan about how much my feet hurt/how long the queues are, the truth is, i wouldn't have it any other way.
Do you love your job?

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Ghost Whisperer

I'm wondering if there is AnYoNe out there that dosn't love Ghost Whisperer?
If only to see the Fabulous wardrobe that Melinder wears..
I. Want. Her. Dresses.
And who wouldn't love to own that shop?
My dream is to own a shop like this, maybe minus the visiting ghosts, but you know..

How can anyone look this cute in the middle of a disaster?
But i love that she does.

She is one cute girlie.

I may treat myself to some box sets, and dress up to watch them :)

Friday, 16 April 2010

In need of rest

I think i go through this every year at this time, the shop is busy & somehow we forget how big the queues get/how huch ice cream and scones people can eat.
Work has gone a wee bit crazy, for various reasons which i'm trying to be sympathetic to.
I'm thinking about Summer Staff, & doing 127 things i my brain. I tell my brain over & over that 'it's only ice cream & coffee' nothing to get in a stress about. But my brain dosn't always listen.
When really all i want to do is this....

He looks so comfy don't you think?

I found this & thought yes thats about right. On the plus side, i eventually found the 'edible glitter' that i've been looking for and we are going to start making our cupcakes a bit like these..(or so we hope!)

When i look at these cakes it makes me smile :)
Today i'm spending the day with my littlest Niece, who knows what we may get up to.
There may even be Tea & Cake.
I may even turn the Blackberry off :0)
Hope you all have a stress free Friday.

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

A Feature all about ME! (oh and my town)

Want to say a ginoooorrrrrrrmous ThAnKyOu to Krysten over at her Blog 'After i Do' for featuring me on her 'Where i Live Wednesday' series you can check her blog out here..

I've never taken part in anything like this before. I admit to feeling sometimes such a novice in the Blogging world, so hope you find it interesting, i'm feeling ever so slightly famous and part of the gang..
I'm so lucky to live in a place that gives me Sunsets like this..

I think i might just celebrate with a wee cuppa :)

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Blogging Spaces

Where to 'do it'? My laptop is a relatively new toy, Mr D and I treated ourselves to his & hers for Xmas and the novelty has definately not worn away.

I have been so enjoyng taking my Laptop to bed a la Carrie Bradshaw...
BTW please exuse the pillows on the floor, these are not, as it looks like just in case i fall out of bed, the cream one is a 'special' one for when my neck is bad, but not v comfy to lean against for Blogging because of the 'funny' shape!!
The other one, well that's one of those pillows you buy when you buy a new bed set, due to the fact that it matches, and looks pweeety when the bed is all made up. Then Mr D comes along and chucks it off & says it's a waste of space.
Cushions are definately a woman thing.
The last week has been beautiful weather here and i've been out in the garden.
I even had to get my sun hat out of the drawer. Things are looking up!!

Reading all your blogs with a nice cup of tea from my new mug :)

& enjoying my Snow Drops. Still. They are out late this year

Go on then.... where do you 'Do it'? :)

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Things to do at Grannie's House

A couple of weekends ago, my sis & i took off on a wee road trip up north to see Grannie

Isn't she BeAuTiFuLl?

Three days we spent, we poured ourselves some wine (yes Grannie had some too!)

Read lots of indulgent magazines. (i am addicted to these magazines, even though the price of them is enough to make you faint!)

Watched some films. Now has anyone watched this one? It was lent to me by a friend so we just had to. Her exact words were 'it's not a Hubbie film' and yep, she was right about that one. It was just kind of nice, and gentle, and well there's not much else to say about it really..

Then we watched The Notebook. This is a film that i have never really wanted to go and see, but again it was lent to sis by a friend so we watched it, & it's one of my niece's favs, so we thought we would see what the fuss was about.
I quite liked it, but this too is not a 'Hubbie film' The 1940's theme was cool, i love that era.
It also won Best Kiss at the MTV movie awards in 2005!
Whilst at Grannies we did a bit/lot of shoppping. Where there is shopping comes books.
I've read these two, the first two of a trilogy, & definately going to buy the last one :)
So here we are back home. Grannie inspired us to start making a Patchwork Quilt. I so want to. I have a template and everything. :)

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Easter Traditions

Easter in The Woods was fun, the weather was fairly kind to us, just right for taking a little walk around to see what we could find..
I picked Daffodils for the Easter table, some animals had eaten all the Bluebells which was a bit maddening, but hey i suppose it's their home too :)

We set up camp with our neighbours

Its surprising how much you can find when you really start looking,

This was at the edge, i'd never seen it before, we think it belongs to the people who live on the very edge of the woods, so we didn't dare venture any further in.

We had some visitors, who we let in as they came laden with the secret ingredient which allows access to anywhere....

This poor soul is not going to be there much longer, it will be moved and sold for the scrap, which will be sad for all the little animals which i'm sure have been playing in it while we aren't looking!!

The fires burned inside and out all weekend, keeping us cosy and warm

It was a great time. An Easter tradition of ours, needless to say, we are looking forward to the next one :)