Monday, 31 May 2010

Happy Day's & Holidays!

Hope you all have had a fabulous Bank Holiday weekend.
Mine has been....eventful..

Ive been to the dairy farm a few times to get the milk churns, which are really rather heavy
I've pasturised 180 litres of milk & turned that into....

Yummie scrummie ice cream..

Inbetween sorting out staff sickness, a smashed bar light at the shop :0, & now i seem to have a small plumbing problem at the ice cream making unit, which isn't good when the machines are water-cooled..
I guess that's a job for tomorrow!
But...Reading all your lovely blogs has been keeping me sane
Isn't it strange, that no matter how busy you are there is ALWAYS time for Blog reading?
I read this book recently, which i loved, i have read a few of hers now & enjoyed some (PS i love you, Thanks for the Memories) and not so much others..(A Place Called Here)
This book i could kind of relate to, sometimes you wish there was a pill you could take to clone yourself, anyone read it?
I have had some fun, i went out to a gig on Fri night from which i came home sweaty and tired, i remember the days i could do that, get home at 3 and Still get up for work at 7.30. Now. Not so much.
I also went to a fancy dress party which was..interesting. Maybe i'll post about that next :)

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

The Calm Before The Storm

There's nothing quite like a bubble bath to rest before the storm ahead.
Bank Holiday weekend is nearly here, May half term is next week, which all adds up to busy little me & the Boss's have gone off on holiday for 12 days & left me to it :0)

Maybe i'll try and get out from under the covers soon and face it head on.
I wonder what would happen if i didn't?!

Monday, 24 May 2010

The Garden Party!

The day arrived, & the sun shone.
There was, it has to be said, a fair amount of tea drinking..
Who's 18 then?

There was some posing....
& Cup Cake eating...
Then we thought we should do some decorating for the party....

But we all couldn't resist a Birthday ride in Bertie, Good old Mr D took us around for a spin. We even stopped for ice cream!

Kirstin then persuaded Mr D (not that he needs much persuading to get the bike out) to take her out on his big motorbike, it was her first go on this one, she has been on his smaller one a couple of years ago, but was obviously feeling brave.

After that it was time for us to leave the youngsters to it, (get me i'm soooo old) i didnt get a pic of the lanterns & tea lights all lit as we weren't there when it was dark, but i am told they looked lovely & pretty.

I did manage to steel this pic of the chinese lanterns being lit though :)
(anyone had these? A friend had one and it got stuck in her tree & set fire to it, the fire brigade had to come out! I've also heard that coastguards hate them as they can be mistaken for distress flares..)
The weather is great here at the moment, ice cream making is at full throttle!!

Friday, 21 May 2010

Birhday Garden party!!

No not mine, but tomorrow is The 18th Birthday of my lovely Niece.
Yep, i'm old enough to have an 18yr old niece, (in fact her brother is 21! Yikes)
So in the morning i will be setting up her garden for The Garden Party of the Year!
I was looking for inspiration on weheartit :)
These two look about right dontchathink?
I have bags of paper lanterns, tea light holders, bunting, i am getting quite excited about setting it all up, although i won't be staying for the evening (well...really...a bunch of 18yr olds drinking, do you blame me?)..& there is a beer festival with my name on it tomorrow night, time to test out the new 2 man tent which we bought for motorbike outings.:)
Happy Birthday Kirstin! XOXO

Wednesday, 19 May 2010


The sun has arrived this week, & there's a rumour that it is going to hang around for the rest of the week! Yippppeeeeee (although of course it means queues at work, but that's a good thing!!
I am a lover of hats, am thinking that i may get a new one for this summer..

I have the afternoon long as i can get all my baking done at work today..what to do?

Well it's not that hard a decision really is it?
Hope the sun is shining for everyone!

Sunday, 16 May 2010


Hope your weekend was happy :) We went to a show about an hour and a half drive away (but bear in mind we only travel at about 45 mph in the Reo!)
It was a nice little show full of friendly people & we got to go down The Secret Bunker of which i have some pics but haven't uploaded them yet..
Last week i watched this film..
I had an afternoon off, it was a bit chilly, so i lit a log fire, got the chocs out of the cupboard and settles down for a bit..
It isn't the kind of film that Mr D would appreciate, so i knew i had to watch it on my lonesome, not that i mind my own company, we get on quite well, memyselfandi ;)

Anywho, i really enjoyed it, it was facinating how her story came together, and not how i envisioned at all.

& who would have thought it all started with a few straw hats! I never knew that!

Have you ever watched a film with sub titles? this was a first for me, i never realised how often i look away from the screen whilst watching TV!!
Trawling the internet it's amazing how many celebs wear the Channel Brand..

I do love Channel No5 & have been lucky enough to find myself on occasion with a bottle on my dresser..
Just call me Norma Jean :)
Apart from skiving and watching films last week i finished the 3rd book in a trilogy

ooooops sorry teeny tiny pic!
I loved the trilogy and am now reading a book which is of the same theme but a stand alone book called Elphamines Choice

Thought i'd leave you with that little statement.
Monday tomorrow i wonder what the week will bring?

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Dance like no-one's watching

Mr D and i went to a party at the weekend. We had a little dance, where i realised just how un fit i am actually getting.
I Love dancing, it's great excersise too.
I love to watch people dancing too, and i mean proper dancing, not the girls that go in a group to the dance floor then spend the whole time trying to talk to each other over the music (why do they do that!?)
Lucky for me my Mr D likes the odd dance or two... although he hates it when i get sucked into the dancing programmes on TV!
What do you like to dance to? We do some jiving to any kind of 50's rock n roll.
Then there are some songs that make me want to get up there. On Sat it was Walking on Sunshine By Katrina & the Waves :)
Another one i always love is Saw her Standing There by The Beatles
I'm thinking of having a dance right now
Want to join me?

Dance like no-one is watching. Sing as if no-one were listening and Live each day as if it were your last

(BTW my pics are from weheartit)

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Sack the Cleaner!!

I'm just going to have to sack my maid. I mean she hasn't turned up for weeks now, what a bitch! (in fact i can't remember ever seeing her!) and i'm afraid my house is going to get swallowed up in the cobwebs
The ironing just isn't getting done...
Maybe she was a figment of my imagination? Did i dream of a lady with a feather
duster flying around my house?
Hmmm i think i'm just going to have to face facts. She isn't coming. And actually never did.

I'm busy at work & it's only May!! How is it going to be when ice cream season really kicks in?!
How are you getting all your cobwebs cleared?

Friday, 7 May 2010

Time for yourself :)

It really dosn't take much to make me happy:)
Yesterday, i was driving through town with my sister in the car when i spotted a free car space outside a charity shop, i haven't had time to go charity shopping for so long i dragged her in there, and i found these shoes!! Brand New, Never Been Worn, from Next, in my size!!
It was fate :) When i showed them to Mr D, he smiled. When i asked him why he was smiling like that, he just said 'they are very Claire shoes'
I'm going to take that as a compliment :)

Today i've been happy to sit in m garden, i've written my letters, and finished another book (more to come on that & the one i have in my hand)
Hope you are all having a happy day.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Sometimes a book comes along...

that you just think that everyone should read, & this is one,
It's the true story of Endal the assistance dog to Allen, who suffered a terrible head injury in the Gulf war After 3 years in hostpital he couldn't remember any of his past including his wife and children. His condition means he is unable to make new memories for more than a couple of days and he is unable to do everyday things like judge how fast a car is coming along when crossing the road, as well as being confined to a wheelchair.
Almost everyone is familiar with Guide dogs to the blind with their yellow jackets but these assistance dogs do things to help their disabled owners that you wouldnt believe possible!
The picture below made Endal famous when a reporter saw him helping Allen use a cash point, from there he won countless awards not least for saving Allen's life one day when he fell out of his wheelchair, by pulling him in the recovery position & putting a blanket over him before running and barking for help!
This wonderful dog basically saved Allen's life (he had tried to commit suicide twice before Endal came along) & his marriage. (The pic above is of Allen and Sandra's 2nd marriage blessing)
Sadly, Endal died at a ripe old age last year, but not before he could pass the batton on to Allen's new dog, EJ (Endal Junior).
Go on. Read it. :)