Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Home Comforts

Bank Holiday weekend over!

Weather here wasn’t great, sunshine & Very Heavy showers!

I did some work, but we also did a lot of riding around, dropping in at various friends for cups of tea, just so we could have an excuse to drive the new vehicle :)

Last night we sat in the garden with some friends around the wood burner, and i got to thinking, while i was sat there in my Pyjama bottoms, does anyone else do this?

Do you spend a fortune on pretty frilly underwear & night wear? Or do you live and die in sloppy PJ’s & sweatshirts?tumblr_l6rto5mpb51qcwxl5o1_400_thumb


I like the look of all these, nicely packaged frilly, girly..

But the reality is that i like the simple things. Don’t lacy bras just make your T- shirt all bumpy? And they scratch!

I have to confess that i practically live in my PJ’s when i’m home, no matter what time of day, the beauty is that a lot of my PJ’s are more like jogging bottoms, which i wear with vest tops/sweatshirts, so i can get away with it if someone comes to the door..i don’t look like a bum housewife that sits watching Jeremy Kyle all day!


I like these one’s from Next


Then i made the HUGE mistake of looking on the Anthro website :O)




Oh. My. Goodness.

I wonder what MR D thinks of my nightwearcomedaywear.

I have to confess I’ve never asked. Just in case i don’t like the answer!:)

Friday, 27 August 2010

Dreams & Plans


I can’t tell you how excited i am to have my new wheels.

Land Rover Defender County Station Wagon.  We searched high and low, since May, saved up, went without Necessities (books!)  and travelled some miles to look at a few, which were disappointing in the flesh, but this one is exactly what I wished for. I love it :)

  Other news.. well my sister & I have been making plans.  We have been dreaming of an Etsy shop for about a year now, but you know, life gets in the way, I even set the shop up in March this year, as i wanted to make sure we could get the name we wanted, but there it has stood, neglected and empty.

But not for much longer, we have been getting quite productive with it lately, planning and scheming like we do.  So the doors should be opening in the near future..

What will we be selling? Well all kinds of lovely goodies, here is a little teaser:





Every product in the store will be Handmade (by us), Vintage, Recyled, or all of the above!

This is my next dream, and i’m so excited about it, hope you will all cross your fingers for us!

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

London Town



Things we did while in London for Wicked :


Went to Trafalgar Square and wondered just how the ship got on the bottle..


Window shopped the length of New Bond Street. Ooooooo the glitz and glamour.  We found ourselves briefly thrown onto Oxford Street. I hate it. I would rather eat my own limb than go there. I don’t care if the huge Top Shop flagship store is there. Not going.



Walked down The Mall & had a wee picnic in St James Park

But it has to be said, the highlight of the day as usual was the trip down Regent Street to Anthropoligie



GE183401_429longIt’s worth a trip to ogle the staircase with the plants growing out the side

Oh and the sale ROOM yes you read that right, a whole room of sale goodies.

No. I didn’t buy anything. I’m saving up for my new wheels…remember?

Oh that reminds me I’m THIS close to getting my hands on my Land Rover!! Picking it up in the morning! eeeeeeee

MUCH excitement in the camp!!

Thursday, 19 August 2010

A Wicked Day!

I’ve blogged about this show before, but i went to see it again during my Birthweek, and i just can’t not tell you again to go see it!

So admit it then…who hasn’t seen it?


Based on the acclaimed novel by Gregory Maguire that re-imagined the stories and characters created by L. Frank Baum in ‘The Wonderful Wizard of Oz’, WICKED tells the incredible untold story of an unlikely but profound friendship between two girls who first meet as sorcery students. Their extraordinary adventures in Oz will ultimately see them fulfil their destinies as Glinda The Good and the Wicked Witch of the West.

WICKED first dazzled Broadway in October 2003. Now Stephen Schwartz’s powerful songs, a visually stunning production and a story full of surprises, wit and emotion are captivating audiences in London and all around the world

Adam Garcia, Helen Dallimore Miriam Margolyes and Company in the London production of "Wicked" @ Apollo Victoria (opening 27-09-06)©Tristram Kenton 09-06 (3 Raveley Street, LONDON NW5 2HX TEL 0207 267 5550  Mob 07973 617 355 email: tristram@tristramkenton.com)

I’ve been to a fair few musicals in my time, and this is my favourite. ever. The costumes. The story. (You will never think of The Wizard of Oz the same way. ever.) The songs. The set. The costumes. The characters. Oh did i mention the costumes?

Wicked%20Glinda%20and%20Elphaba Gregory Maguire has written other books, i have one called Son of a Witch, that’s sitting on my teetering TBR pile, i guess thats the sequel to The Wizard of Oz with Wicked being the Prequel.

Oh i just want to go play the tunes. Right Now. Where’s my ipod.

Do you have a fav musical?

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Wedding Special!! :)


Back from 3 days of celebrating my Uncle Robbie and new Auntie Anna’s wedding! Everyone had a fantastic time although we are all a wee bit sleepy!


I am presuming you might want to see pics..who doesn't like nosing at other peoples wedding right?

As you can see the transport from the hotel to the Guildhall in Windsor was two double deckers, which also took us on a tour of Windsor. A bit elongated as the driver took a wrong turn. I pity the people who had two double deckers coming towards them the wrong way down a one way street :O


So in we all piled, picking up the bride and groom on the way


Rob Wedding 049

We got the the Guildhall, where lots of people milled around waiting for Robbie Williams to come out of the bus haha!


The Guildhall was a beautiful building in side for a wedding, and the registrar was very good with the young bridesmaids who all had a little reading to do. Here is Liliana, Robbie & Anna’s daughter doing hers :)


Dosen’t she look lovely?



We headed out after the ceremony for the traditional throwing of confetti, blowing of bubbles, and (bizarrely) throwing of jelly beans! I’m thinking maybe its an Italian tradition as the Bride is Italian :)


It’s here where i must show you the photographers shoes. How Cool. Purple winkle pickers in case you were wondering.

Rob Wedding 057


Off we then went to the Windsor Castle for a few pics, where luckily the sun came out just in time. In these photos you can see my Nephew pushing his Great Grannie (my Gran). He did a grand job, considering he’s never come close to a wheelchair before, and Grannie didn’t look too scared! While we were milling around Windsor Castle a tourist actually said ‘oh look there’s The Queen!’ Haha!

I am wearing the black halter neck dress. The dress i had originally bought to wear i fell out with in a major way the night before we left, so i uncovered the black one (from the depths of my wardrobe)and hoped and prayed that it would be ok. (i considered asking them to postpone the wedding in view of my out fit crisis, but decided that might seem a bit selfish :)

38613_475047011040_585811040_6908025_2000502_n Here’s Kirstin (my neice) in her green Anthropologie dress. No such out fit crisis for her!


Didn’t know these two ladies but thought their outfits (and brolly) deserved a mention!


Anna was glad of her brolly!


Here is my littlest Niece with her second cousin Liliana, who is my first cousin ( i think that’s right) Any way Cute or what!


I expect you want a shot of the cake, so here it is :) The small one was a chocolate cake for Liliana :)



Unfortunately, i don’t have photo’s of the evening, as after this it all got a bit frantic. The Band were Fantastic. Need i say more? My body is still protesting 2 days later.

So there you go. Proof that you CAN have a great wedding on Friday the 13th :)

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Birthday Week!!

It’s my Birthday week! Tomorrow i will turn 38 years old :) And I don’t feel a day over 21.


So far my Birthday week has consisted of:

1. Going away with friends for a long weekend to an air show which was fabulous, the sun shone, and my fav plane came for a flypast :)

Here she is, shame you can’t see the flight crew looking rather dashing in their getup..


2.Working extremely hard getting ready to go away to my Uncles wedding at the end of the week. I’ve decided that i just don’t have time to work, i just have toooo much other stuff to fit in! Ha!!

3. A rather lovely meal at a local pub with rather a lot of Pimms.

The next half of my Birthday week will consist of:

4.Spending Birthday with Mr D (after i get in from work. How did i get to work the morning of my Bday when i’m the boss? Ha!) I’ve been promised Steak for tea. mmmmm

5.Going to aforementioned wedding, to be held at The Guild Hall, Windsor…yes the one where Charlie married Camilla :)

6. A trip to London to see Wicked. Ive seen it before but the friend i’m going with has a bday the day after me and she really wanted to go, so, well i just had to. It’s my Fav musical ever! Much excitement!

Oh and then there’ll be the present opening ceremony…come round any time for that and i’ll make myself available :)


It only seems like yesterday that i was in knee highs and red sandles..


ps…i’m the cute one on the Left ;)

Monday, 9 August 2010

The Girl Who Chased The Moon

I just got back from (another) fabulous air show weekend, & have to share this book.

You may know that i read.  Alot.  But i have to say it’s not very often that i feel the need to tell everyone to Read this Book!

Sarah Addison Allen is an author that everyone should read, this is her third novel and every bit as good as the last two (which, in case you are interested were, Garden Spells, and The Sugar Queen)


Emily Benedict came to Mullaby, North Carolina, hoping to solve some of the riddles surrounding her mothers life.  Why did she leave her hometown so suddenly?  Why did she vow never to return?

But the moment Emily enters the house where her mother grew up and meets the grandfather she never knew, she realises that mysteries aren’t solved in Mullaby.  In this town, they are a way of life.  Here are rooms where the wallpaper changes to suit your mood.  Unexplained lights skip across the yard at midnight, and a neighbour bakes hope in the form of a cake.

I love Sarah’s books, they are magical and glittery, just like their covers.  I really enjoyed reading this in the summer sun, with my gin and tonic :)

Read it. Please.

Monday, 2 August 2010


In case you weren’t aware…a certain blogger will turn 38years young next week… Feel free to buy her any of these goodies..


You know you can’t go wrong with a good book (or Three)..


I was a teensy bit excited when i saw that Charlaine Harris has brought out a new one!


Then there’s anything from the Pip Studio range. I’ll let you choose. I’m really not that fussy…see?


I like this skirt from White Stuff, and it’s in the sale! :)



Oh, & when you come round, don’t forget the cupcakes and Chocolate, i’ll make the tea :)