Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Big Sisters are the best

ok, let me start by saying, This post was supposed to be published this morning, I thought I was getting all technical and scheduled it to publish today. Lets just  say Blogger and I have had words. And some of the are not repeatable.

Ok so we all know that I have the best big sister on the planet..

But guess what? now I have a special Big Sister/Blog Mentor! I mean really, just how lucky can one girl get?


Her name is Lindsay and you can find her over here at her extremely stylish blog,  from the aisle to aloha.

This Blog Mentor programme is all down to this lovely lady  Krysten  who if you don’t know already, you should really head over and get to know. It feels quite nice to have someone I can go to for advice every now and then..

You should also go check out Lindsay’s etsy shop where she sells her fabulous fresh modern paintings that would brighten up any room :)


I’m excited to be part of this, and from the short time I’ve known Lindsay, I would say that it’s definitely going to be worth while!

Today I’m going into town to see if I can find a wee something for hubbie’s Birthday at the weekend. He will be 40  (yeh…I know! I’m married to a 40 yr old haha!)..ive got a special post coming up to introduce him formally to you, you lucky things! I need to pack, (I’m whisking him off for the weekend) Oh yeah, then there’s the little matter of work. Best get off this sofa…


  1. oh I love Lindsay's blog & her Etsy shop! You're lucky to be paired up with her!

  2. lindsay has a cute blog!! how fun to have a blog mentor\big sister :) can't wait to see the post about the fellow's birthday! Have Fun!!

  3. Oh Claire, you are so sweet! :) So happy to have you as a little sister! Have fun shopping for hubby!