Sunday, 23 January 2011

Book Review No. 3!

This is what I’ve been reading this week..

You’ve all heard of The Time Travellers Wife?  Well this is her next book.


When Elspeth Noblin dies she leaves her beautiful flat overlooking Highgate Cemetery to her twin nieces, Julia & Valentina Poole, on the condition that their mother is never allowed to cross the threshold.  But until the solicitors letter falls through the door of their suburban American home, neither Julia or Valentina knew their aunt existed.  The twins hope that in London their own, separate, lives can finally begin but they have no idea that they have been summoned into a tangle of fraying lives, from the obsessive-compulsive crossword setter who lives above them to their aunts mysterious and elusive lover, who lives below them and works in the cemetery itself.

As the twins unravel the secrets of their aunt, who doesn’t seem quite ready to leave her flat, even after death, Niffenegger weaves together a delicious and deadly ghost story about love, loss and identity.


First 5 sentences..Elspeth died while Robert was standing in front of the vending machine watching tea shoot into a small plastic cup.  Later he would remember walking down the hospital corridor with the cup of horrible to in his hand, alone under the fluorescent lights, retracing his steps to the room where Elspeth lay surrounded by machines.  She had turned her head towards the door and her eyes were open, at first Robert thought she was conscious.  In the seconds before she died, Elspeth remembered a day last spring when she and Robert had walked along a muddy path by the Thames in Kew Gardens. There was a smell of rotted leaves, it had been raining.

Where I got my hands on it.. My mum bought me this for Christmas, I was so pleased as I had looked at this on the shelf but hadn’t bought it due to my self imposed book buying ban (i really want to get my to-be-read pile down!)

The cover...Mysterious

Made me want to..Believe in Ghosts

Who’s the lucky duck that’s getting it next?.. Sis, as it’s just her kind of book!

After loving The Time Travellers Wife so much, I couldn’t wait to read this. As with The Time Traveller, this book had me believing that un natural things could in fact occur. I am thinking to myself, yes actually it seems quite justifiable for there to be ghosts, just as in Time Travellers I didn’t once think it was unbelievable for someone to Travel through time.  In both her books she answers the questions of What if? 

This is a story of relationships, Love, Grief and Identity (especially if you are a twin). This was definitely not a disappointment.

I’m wondering if it will be made into a film, and if they do, I hope it turns out better than A Time Travellers Wife. Really disliked that film.


  1. Oh I didn't know she has a new book!!!! I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVEd the Time traveler's wife... one of my favorite books in fact! I must pick this up (I also have read more on my New YEar resolution list anyway) Thanks for sharing!!!!

  2. I haven't read the whole of this post in case of 'spoilers' as I'm reading it right now! Very un-put-downable.
    Tell your Mum the wool shop is gorgeous (on Market Hill) but you need to take plenty of money!

  3. I will need to pick this one up!!
    I am doing a giveaway on my blog right now and would love to have you enter!

  4. Eek I've been wanting to read this book!

  5. Adding it to my must reads!

    ALSO don't cry my foreign friend lol:-) I would love for oyu to do the swap, and yes you can join in! Make sure to fill out the info on the post so I can add you dear!

  6. that book seems interesting. I havent read the time traveller's wife yet but I've been longing to. Hope I can read it soon. Thanks for the book recommendation :)

  7. I tried reading this, but I just couldn't get hooked into it. Shame, because I love The Time Traveller's Wife.

  8. Thanks for the heads up on this book! I'm currently reading Breakfast with Socrates, very interesting so far...

    d e g a i n e

  9. It's hard for films to do books justice isn't it?