Sunday, 30 January 2011

Home…& Etsy Love!

What a weekend! I’m now married to a 40yr old…Proper post later in the week, after I’ve sorted through the photos.


In the meantime..Whilst feasting on Champagne (thanks mum!) & Cheese & Crackers..I’ve been having a look at all the Loverrrrrrrrly things on Etsy..There’s just about time to order your valentines goodies, these are some of my favourites :)

(Click on the pictures to go to the shop)


Pretty cute earrings  to wear on our valentines date?


Vintage Valentine to send to your love


Really Cute Kissing Couple (I’m seriously loving this!)


Asian Inspired Wall Hanging


I love you more than cake!


I Heart You

Tomorrrow: Laundry (Yawn), Work, Blog ReadingStarting my parcels for my two swaps!,  More Birthday Celebrations for Mr D! ( apparently you get a Birthday week at 40!?




  1. I LOVE shopping on Etsy!!! You can always find cute and wonderful things ;) One week when you turn 40 - wooooohooooo that's awesome ;) Blah for laundry - I get to wash tomorrow as well - blah!!! Have a great Monday sweetie ;)

  2. I love Etsy too, such unique and beautiful items! That paper silloutte is gorgeous, I also like the one of the two separate bike riders reaching to each other!

  3. Happy birthday to your hubby! :) Aw, what a bunch of cute Etsy stuff.

  4. Hi Claire! I was posting something on another lady's blog for her birthday (I'm part of the Love & Envelopes Birthday Club too!) and saw you had beat me to it. I laughed since we have the same name!

  5. i believe in birthday weeks ;)

    and swaps!!!

    taking advantage of the snow, i stayed in and worked on handmade valentines for my amazing girlfriends and worked on my "beat the x-mas blues swap" -- it always makes me happy!!! :)