Sunday, 9 January 2011

Quote of the Week

So I thought I might do a quote of the week this year.

This weeks is more of a conversation than a quote..

You may or may not know that I manage a local Ice Cream parlour/coffee shop.

I never fail to be amused by Mr General Public.

Well, sometimes I’m amused.  Sometimes I’m downright bemused.

I often think I could write a book on it.

Confessions of an Ice cream Chef/Barista.  Has a certain ring to it dontcha think? need to picture the scene. I am behind the counter, making up an order.  Customer comes to the ice cream counter, and is greeted by employee. Customer looks longingly at the ice creams.

Customer.  What does the Custard part taste like in the Strawberry & Custard ice cream?

(at which point i look up to see who has asked such a question)

Employee(who..btw has worked there since she was 15..and is now 20 and in her 3rd year of a degree course..) then turns to me and asks What does the custard part of the Strawberry & Custard ice cream taste like?

Me.  Smiling and trying to sound like I’m not taking the micky..GUESS!!!!!

tumblr_lellkhMBQ01qfiohqo1_400_thumb  Yeh, who’d have thought it, the Custard part tastes like Custard.

FYI The Strawberry also tastes like Strawberry, the Peanut Butter tastes like Peanut Butter, yeh I know who knew? It does what it says on the tin.  So shoot me.

Hope your weekend was as much fun :)


  1. This made me laugh

    I'm sure I have done this before now.

  2. hahaha! love it. i'd so be the one to ask though. i'm not that bright. ;)

  3. Oh man, I used to get asked the oddest questions when I was a barista.

    My favorite: Can you make a cold hot chocolate?

    Me: Yep... it's called chocolate milk.

  4. ha ha oh wow! People are so funny sometimes!


  5. I have a feeling I've just been to your shop - are you in Aldeburgh? had a cherry icecream earlier today and it was fabulous... even in cold January!