Monday, 24 January 2011

Something to watch

Now and again, a series comes on tv and i think ‘yes i really want to catch that!


Then, don’t you just know that they would broadcast it at a time when I won’t be able to watch it..I the afternoon? come on..give a girl a break.

As I don’t have technology that would allow me to series link it, or anything fancy like that…and I cant watch the first series on i-player as they have stopped broadcasting it (meaning, I’ve missed the boat,) I’ve decided..I am going to treat myself to this series…


Don’t you just love the 1940’s look?



Has anyone seen this? Is it as good as it looks?

I’ll leave you with a pic of Mr D and I trying to look the part :)

We are on the left :)

us all

Whaddyathink? Would we get the part?!


  1. You guys fit right in! haha. I love the style during that era!

  2. It is well worth watching - its one programme I've really enjoyed.

    I know an ex-land army lady and she thought it was great too.

  3. Haha, cute. I want to see it now!

  4. I know, I thought the same thing too - stick it on in the evening! Hoping it might still get repeated in the evening sometime.
    I like your second home by the way...