Thursday, 6 January 2011

Winter Fun


So That’s it for another 12 months. The decs are down. I’ve polished :o (How dusty was everything?!)

The decorations have been (carefully) shoved under the bed for hibernation.

I thought I’d show you a few pics I found of our Winter Fun..


Well, this isn’t so fun, this beach hut sells fish in the summer months. Oops. It fell..


My road covered in snow (YEY!)


And some picturesque scenes..


Then there’s the proof that I wore my coat. Remember when I bought this way back in Aug? Well apart from prancing around the house in it, It had never been officially worn until Boxing Day.   The occasion was just never right..


After all this time. I’m still in love with my coat.  I think in future I’m taking the approach that clothes aren’t for occasions. They are to be worn. Whenever the fancy takes me..096

We had some fun with friends in the week between Christmas & New Year


It’s always fun when the instruments come out..


& who knew that you could play Mary Poppins on the Gazoo?

This week I’ll finish my first book of the year! It’s a lovely Christmassy story, I’ll tell you all about it :)

I wonder if I can do a book review a week this year? I might try.. & I’ll tell you who is getting the book after me…cos someone usually gets lucky.

See ya later! :)


  1. OOps at the beach hut falling off the prom :(

    Fab coat - definately need to wear it more. Lovely things should be worn more often to cheer yourself up.

  2. Love the coat. Life is short, wear your party pants!

  3. That coat deserves to be rocked all the time!

  4. I used to be a book review blogger and girls would read like 5 books a week it's crazy!! Looks like you have a ton of snow! None up here!