Friday, 25 February 2011

The 40th Bday Celebrations continue..

Remember when Mr D turned 40? Well tonight is the party he is sharing with two friends.

So on  we will be spending the evening at a local venue, and there will be a very full house at Chateau Day, by way of bed and breakfast. We’ve even parked this outside the house by way of an extension for a couple of friends to sleep in :)

Reo Bentwaters 2

The evening entertainment will be provided by a group of musician friends  that have been practicing the tunes of Chuck Berry. Cos we like a bit of Check Berry.  A lot. And if you don’t then remind me, why are we friends?

I’m having a slight outfit moment. What to wear that will be comfortable to Rock & Roll in. But not too casual. Hmm. Decisions.

So tonight, wherever you are, think of me being a social butterfly, and I’ll be sure to have a Gin & Tonic for you x

That’s ok, what are friends for?

Oh and the Bear isn’t coming to the party. He’s Grounded. Remember?


  1. One of my friends turned 40 the same year as 4 of her cousins, so they had a big family get together at one point and had a 200th birthday party. She said it was a bugger finding balloons and banners though!!

  2. Sounds like it's gonna be a heckuva shindig!

  3. What a fun blog, and what a fun party you have to look forward to!
    I love Chuck Berry- how could you not? I can barely control my body from dancing when i hear his music!

    Have fun!

  4. How exciting!! I'm sure your party will be so much fun!! :)

  5. Eeeeeee!!!! How much fun!!! A pretty social butterfly :)

    I should do something big now in July when I turn the big 3-0!! Yikes!!

    Enjoy sweetie!!


  6. I hope you had lots and lots of fun!! :D You deserve it!

  7. I think that sounds great and I hope it was utterly fantastic.

    I'm sure you picked the perfect outfit for the occasion.

    P.S. I too threw out my old journals from when I was younger. The only memory bits I got rid of. To which I still regret to this day.