Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Blog Love

You know how, you’re sitting reading a blog, then you click on a button that catches your eye, which takes you to another blog, and before you know it you’ve been sucked in to the tangled web of blog love? (it’s a bit like when you’re looking at photos on Face Book, and you click on various peoples names and suddenly you realise you’ve been looking at pictures for half an hour with not one person in them you know. Don’t deny it, we all do it.)

Well look where I ended up tonight

Red Velvet


Their shop is jam packed full of all things fabulous, including this dress which I have fallen in love with.


Have a look at all the other Fabulous Clothes and tell me you don’t love them, and I’ll call you a big fat liar.

And just to make me love them un naturally just that little bit more, they have a bricks and mortar shop that I would sell my children to have (if I had any) Which i don’t (have any children) so you can breath out now. 


They also do E-courses in interesting subjects, I’m tempted by the Modern Patchwork one.


Anyone ever done an E-course before?

Happy Hump Day! :)


  1. Hahaha! I just escaped from my tangled-ness of web-stalking! Hahaha! It's amazing the treasures you find out there, but then there's always that thing you discover that you wish you hadn't...yeah, drama of internet spying...

  2. I LOVE Red Velvet. I LOVE Elsie and her sister Emma's blogs as well. I follow them religiously! Especially Emma's because she puts up such easy, simple, and delicious recipes. They are both so amazing as well as all the other girls from Red Velvet! ahhh!! I'm glad you found Red Velvet!! It's so amazing..

  3. Oh that is a very cute dress :) You have got to see "The Wedding Date" you will love it :)

  4. I love getting lead to different blogs through suggestions or buttons...and that dress looks fantastic. :D

  5. How fun!
    I took a photo shop e-course last year that was so helpful!

  6. I love the tangled web of cute blogs! I could get lost for hours haha

  7. Red Velvet and A Beautiful Mess is amazing!!

  8. Ooh, looks like a good one! Must check it out!

  9. I've been considering patch work for a while, there are many diy projects i'd love to create. Loved the dress, so cute!

  10. I could wander through the blogosphere for hours, and when the weather outside is nasty I often do.

  11. That dress is perfect!! The colors and length are amazing. :-)

    Happy Thursday Darling! xo

  12. totally guilty!!! i could spend hours... much to the dismay of my husband but i'm working on it! :)

    i've never taken an e-course for fear i'm just not crafty enough -- i stick to collage and cards-- which btw, your comment on my homemade valentines made my day :) THANK YOU! x

  13. I web-stalk all the time (not in a creepy way) and sometimes I find the best blogs and website that way! I know someone who waved at a girl in the city and then suddenly remembered she'd only facebook-stalked her and didn't actually know her in real life!

    Thanks for visiting my blog :)

    x Jasmine

  14. I TOTALLY know what you mean, I do this everyday and find wayyyy to many good blogs and end up following too many, and get lost!

    Cuuuute shop!

    Pssssst can't wait for you to get your V-day gift!!!

  15. lol yeh I always get lost in the web which is why is can take me a few hours to write a blog post.

    I've never done an E-course before but I would like to do one. I'm thinking of doing either blogging one or maybe an indie business ones. x

  16. Oh man, I get sucked into blogland ALL.THE.TIME. In fact, what you described is exactly what I have been doing:-) ha- cute blog!

  17. I know what you mean, if I start looking at blogs or photos who knows how long I can sit and what amazing stuff I find.
    Thank you for stopping by my blog. I really like yours and I'm a follower now =)

  18. i dont seem to be able to detangle myself from the web of blog stalking.

    it is out.of.control.

  19. Wow thanks for sharing that cute boutique site. It's adorable.