Monday, 14 February 2011

The Obligatory Valentines Post



Happy Valentines to all


We don’t go mad for the hallmark holiday,  TBH I can think of a bigillion things I would rather do than go out for dinner on Valentines night…all those couples……those horrid people that go around selling Roses and stare at you like ‘well you aren’t THAT loved he didn’t even buy you a ROSE!!’….bleurrrrrrr

but we do give a little token something. This year Mr D bought me a Photography book. Cos he gets me :)

He made me curry for tea. And I think he may even wash up.


22 years ago today Mr D left my first Valentines on my doorstep, and then rang me the next day to ask me out :) The anniversary will be Wed the 16th so there will be a special post then where you can read our little story….if you’re at all interested… :)

In the mean time, I have a new camera to play with.

And a giveaway to sort out. That will be Wed as well, so it’ll be worth calling in then! :)

Oh and I got a blog award from Jihee  Thankyou!! I’ll do the tagging thing tomorrow :)


  1. Congrats on your award!
    And how lovely that your husband knows you well enough to get you a book on something you love :) I think that's so much sweeter than a stupid rose (and there's no pressure!). Can't wait to read your post - I love stories of couples, it always restores my faith in love and the fact that not all guys are terrible! ;)

  2. I love that your husband gave you a photography book - that's love!

    x Jasmine

  3. A photography book for Valentine's?! That is amazing! Perfect gift I say. x

  4. I got crossword puzzle books, and some candy. It's the simple things!

  5. What a cool gift. I've just been to Tesco and there are hundreds of bouquets of roses all marked down to half price - they obviously way over ordered.

  6. I actually agree with the Valentine's Day dinner. In Norway, Valentine's Day isn't really a big thing. It is just a day where people spend a lot of money on nothing really. I could not help but smile when I read your post about your husband's gift for you. A photography book sounds amazing and it shows that he knows you. My hubby and I spent the day watching film and eating good food. That was the perfect day for me.

  7. Aw, your Husband sounds like a sweetie!

  8. we're with you guys on a laid back vday...those restaurants are crazy cakes out there!

  9. I hope you had a lovely heart day!

  10. Cute! I like how he gave you a valnetines and then asked you out. That is just so adorable! And now look at you two :) Can't wait for Wednesday to know more about you two!


  11. We dont go out on Valentine's day either it gets too crazy.

    Write it in Lipstick