Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Our Story..And a small token of love for you

I first got to know Mr D when I was a teenager. In those good old days, girls would ‘hang out’ on the sea front, play pool in the arcade while watching music videos, drinking coke and thinking we were THAT cool. Sometimes, we would get to know a boy with a car and get him to take us for a cruise around town. Mr D happened to be one of those boys. (yeh, I was a teenager when it was ok to do that sort of stuff, now though, if you knew your daughter was getting into cars with almost-strangers, you’d kill her yourself when she got home!)


The Teenage Mr D. How could I not say yes?

I can hardly believe it was 22 years ago that Mr D plucked up the courage to leave a valentine on my doorstep, ( it was a single rose & a big card, cos when you’re 18 and trying to impress a girl, the size of the card mattered;)

One of my friends actually liked Mr D. But he liked me. She was with me when he rang, and I actually asked her if she minded if I said yes. She said go for it….then didn’t talk to me for weeks. She got over it. Eventually.

Then, after ringing me up to ask me out, he came round on the 16th Feb and took me out in his Triumph Dolomite. The seat covers were furry. And there was a Pink Panther hanging from the mirror. (He still has that Pink Panther)

old pics 010

That night, we went to MacDonald's in Ipswich, those were the days of Pat Benetar on the car stereo, then called in at a country pub on the way home where I had a coke as I was only 16.

The rest as they say is History

old pics 011

This is us on a trip to Thorpe Park Amusement park.

We saved up for a deposit on our first home, which we bought and are still living in . Below is a photo I found of my room when I still lived at home. On my spare bed is things I had been collecting ready for our first home :) I had lots of fun looking through my old albums for pics to post, I may share more old pics with you….or I may not…


And here I am in our home, I’m not quite sure what I’m doing, maybe waiting for some furniture?


This must have been the first Christmas in our house, as you can see we only had a small sofa bed as our sofa.  For the first few months we didn’t have a fridge, we kept our milk in a sink of cold water!


We spent many holidays with a group of friends  in this Bungalow in Martindale, a remote valley Nr Ullswater The Lake District. We haven’t been there for so long, but we may go back..although there is a 2 yr waiting list to book a holiday let me tell you, it’s well worth the wait..

old pics 003

old pics 004

We loved it so much  that we decided to get married there. At this point we had been together for ten years.

old pics 012

old pics 016






Our wedding was held in Glenridding, and we had 25 of our closest friends and family with us.

old pics 014 old pics 020






old pics 015

We then packed up our little Jeep and went to Corse wall lighthouse for a couple of nights. ( Mr D is a bit of a Light house freak so I booked it as a wee surprise)

old pics 021

Our first  Wedding Anniversary was spent in a lovely little cottage in Cornwall. By then we had our lovely doggie, Baxter :)x

old pics 001

old pics 002

And our 10th was spent in NYC!

me and kev times square

So you can say that we’ve had some fun through our 22 years :)

old pics 006us

Wonder what the next 22 will bring?

PS Mr D and I started dating in the days before digital photography, so these are photos-of-photos..

PPS….In Celebration of how happy I am I am giving away This book.


Written by Blogging Queen Tara Frey it is full of gorgeous eye candy, tips and lovely Blogs for you to visit. A must coffee table book for any Blogger!j

So, if you want me to send this book to you, all you have to do is leave a comment and tell me what you love about blogging :)k The giveaway is open to all, wherever you live, cos I’m that generous!!

Good Luck! :)


  1. I love connecting with people all over the world. I feel like I have friends in Australia, Ireland, the UK...

    You guys are such a cute couple. I hope the next 22 years bring you even more joy.

  2. What a great story! I love all the photos. Congratulations on 22 years together!

    I have had that Blogging for Bliss book on my Amazon wish list for ages now. I'd love to win!

    There are lots of things I love about blogging- the opportunity to feel like a writer (which is what I always wanted to be!), the support and encouragement from people around the world, getting to know and love new friends... Blogging is a fabulous community and I'm so happy to be a part of it.

  3. Happy anniversary, Claire and Mr. D! Love the photos and wishing you a very happy and healthy future.

    See you at the ice cream shop :)

    C and C

  4. Ahh, that's a gorgeous love story post! You look so happy in all of the photos, and I'm always pleased (if slightly wistful) to see photos of NYC.
    What do I love about blogging?
    1) being nosey and finding out about the lives of complete strangers
    2) the fact that my blogs are a journal that I can look back on
    3) the inspiration I get from other bloggers to read books they like, try out crafts they are trying, visit places they recommend, bake cakes that they make look so delicious
    4) meeting up with bloggers and making friends you would otherwise never have met
    Blogging is great, isn;t it?!

  5. Thank you for your comment on my blog, you are so kind! Congratulations on 22 years, that is so wonderful and very commendable.

    I would love to enter the giveaway! I love blogging not only because it helps me keep track of my life with my husband and children, but also because it gives me a creative outlet. It is also fun to meet new people and read about other people's lives :)

    I saw you were born in Germany? My grandpa was born and raised in Switzerland. He moved to the U.S. in his twenties, married my grandma, and my mother was their first child. I would love to go to Europe someday.

  6. CLAIRE! Thank you so much for sharing your story with us!

  7. What a great story! I really enjoyed reading a story like this from real life. I have to say that when you're not American you think these things only happen in the movies...well, I'm glad there's some true stories out there too!

  8. yay for new cameras?! is yours a good one!? i love mine.
    i know LUSH smell amazing and my bath was so bright.. haha it was so gorgeous!
    btw this post is so cute!!
    i hope the next 22 years bring you lots of love and happeniness together! :) X

  9. Hahaha! This is so cute! I love all tho old pictures!

  10. Aww the story of you guys made me all gushy inside! Such a great story and I hope for all the best for the next 22 years claire! Aww I can't get over it haha.

    Ahhh a giveaway!!! I would love to enter! hehe. I think what I love about blogging is that I get to meet so many inspiring people!

  11. 22 years of love... wow! i was moved by your story and i'm so thankful you shared. also so happy you're sharing a generous giveaway! so count me in darling.

    blogging is such a passion for me and through it i have met some amazing friends... including my soul mate, my best friend. i have yet to meet her in person but no one else gets me like she does. i can't wait to meet her this summer! xo

  12. Wow how sweet are you! I would love to win that book. My favorite thing about blogging is all of the different people I come into contact with. Incredible people like yourself! :)
    I loved reading this post by the way. You and your guy are the cutest thing ever! I loved looking at all the photos.

  13. Awwww I want that book:-) Lol I loved looking at your past photos, 22 years?! Congrats that is so amazing:-) We've only been married 2 so far, but we'll make it there eventually.

    Soooo cute!

    P.S. Sorry your package is taking forever, let me know when you get it!

  14. What a wonderful story!! And all the photos are so cute! Wishing you so many more years of happiness!!!! :)

  15. That is an amazing story, true love! Thank you so much for sharing it =) And that is one of the reasons why I love blogging. You get to connect with so many people and learn so much. You also get to express yourself and give something back to everyone. You make new friends and get inspired from eachother. Blogging is also a challenge and when you manage to write a post you're happy with and other people comment and like it then I feel like I have accomplished something.

  16. what a great story and i loved all the pictures to go with it!!! i met mark in HS too :)

  17. Great post and loved looking at the photos!

  18. Eee! That was such a lovely story. I'm also interested to read about how couples meet :) And it's sweet that you have had such fun times together.

    What I love about blogging is the community and the friendships built. I also love the inspiration I get from visiting the blogs. x

  19. Thank you so much for sharing your lovely story! I LOVE love!!! Congrats on your 22 years and blessings on the next 30+!!! :-D