Monday, 14 March 2011

Best Scones Ever


(This pic has nothing to do with scones..just thought you might like to see my sparkly party jacket I wore for Mr D’s 40th :)

Want to make the best scones ever?

Well because I love you (and because most of you don’t live anywhere near) I’m going to divulge my scone recipe.  Now this is a true testament to my love for you. Because it’s a bit of a trade secret you know.


  Ingredients needed:

500g Plain Flour

25g Baking Powder

Pinch Salt

75g Icing Sugar

125g Chilled unsalted Butter  (STRAIGHT FROM FRIDGE) cut into small cubes

2 eggs, beaten

180ML Milk


Sieve the flour, baking powder, salt & icing sugar together.

add the butter, eggs and milk & mix together  until the mixture starts to form a dough. (use a mixer if you have one)

At this point, add the sultanas .

Continue to mix until the dough is totally combined.If it too wet/dry add more flour/milk accordingly.

Remove from mixer & knead a little with your hands on a floured surface until the dough ids elastic & smooth.

Roll out the dough to about 1 inch thick & cut out the scones, re knead the leftover dough and repeat until all the dough is used.

Place the scones on a greased baking tray, brush the tops with a little milk & bake at 180 c for approx 20mins. (depending how big they are).

To test that they are done insert a sharp knife into the middle through the side. If the knife comes out clean they are done. If not leave them for a few more minutes.

Tips: Preheat the oven.  Cut the butter into cubes cold straight from the fridge.

Don’t over knead the dough.

If you don’t like fruit scones, add grated cheese instead of sultana’s, omitting the icing sugar.

Scones are best served straight from the oven or warmed in the microwave for a few seconds. Add Clotted cream and jam yum!

Scones can be frozen and defrosted as required! 


PS. While you are stuffing your face with scones, I keep forgetting to tell you that Camilla gave me a blog award. I should tell you facts about myself, but if you go here you can see what I wrote when I got the award a little while ago from Jihee.  Now you should all know by now that Jihee is a friend of mine…all be it virtual… But you should definitely go check out Camilla’s Blog too. A woman's right to shoes is fantastic for anyone who likes London, or indeed just wants to read a blog that is informative and real.





  1. Okay so since you say these are the best and well finding a really good scone in the burbs of Houston is well not likely, I will be making these for my husband this week. (He has to fast on thursday from sun up to sun down and this will make an easy filling breakfast for him before sun rise. :)

    *loving the jacket

  2. Hey thanks for stopping by my blog, yours is cute! ... recipe sounds delish, in the mid of a cleanse, not the best, drooling for them, know the jacket has nothing to do with them but I'm drooling over it, sequins are loooove!

    <3 Cess O.

  3. Oh, what a pretty jacket! Glad you shared! :)

  4. Such a beautiful jacket! Beautiful photo of you :)

    Confession: I cannot cook and am not even that great of a baker. (Still glad we're swap mates? haha) But those scones look soooo delicious it makes me want to be brave and attempt to make them :) Thanks for sharing your secret recipe!

    I'll def have to check out Camilla's blog, you had me at London :)

  5. Icing sugar hey? Sounds delicious! I've never made them with icing sugar before. My Mum makes hers with lemonade.

    Mmm ... now I want scones!

    x Jasmine

  6. These scones look amazing, I might have to try and make some soon. So I copied your recipe, hihi.
    And thank you for your kind words about my blog, you are so sweet =)

  7. There's my weekend culinary project, can't wait to try them - thanks for sharing! :)


  8. I LOVE scones, I'm going to have to make some soon!

  9. I would like some scones please!!! YUM!

  10. thanks for stopping by my blog! i'm so glad you did because now i can make the best scones too :) Just will need to use a converter for the measurements. I can't wait to follow along with your blog!


  11. You are a gem for sharing it!!!

  12. amazing, you rock!! i have been searching for a good scone recipe forever and have yet to find the perfect one, but i think now i have :) can't wait to try it!