Monday, 21 March 2011

Film Night


imagesCAA9BP4W Mr D and I braved the local cinema last week and saw this film

This is based on a novel by Graham Greene which was published in 1938.. A film was made in 1947, which kept the story to the original period of the 1030’s. So this remake has been updated to the 1960’s.

I knew nothing about this film until Mr D suggested we go see it. Mr D was obviously attracted to the period. 1960’s Brighton. Mods and Rockers and all things Mob related.

I’ve never read the novel, or seen the original movie so I can’t compare, but I’ve read a couple of reviews since, and they weren’t that favourable. I, on the other hand, going in blind, as it were..really enjoyed it. I’m a sucker for anything of that period.


rock 2


Sam Riley plays Pinkie, who murders a rival, Fred, after which he ruthlessly pursues a potential witness, a young waitress called Rose (Andrea Riseborough) in a bid to shut her up. Pinkie offers up a sham of a romantic relationship, which she clings to as he propels her towards her doom. Only the nosey, indefatigable Ida (Helen Mirren), a streetwise tea-shop owner who was once close to Fred, offers her any hope of salvation.

Mr D & I are making more of an effort lately to go and see films, and I’m enjoying it!

I didn’t get to my allotment today as the weather had turned by the time I finished work :( But I DID buy some wild flower seed packets to put in :):) Maybe tomorrow?!

BTW who is going to admit to seeing the Duran Duran programme last night on ITV? I got the last half, (even sacrificed Country House Rescue) I’m about to take the laptop in the bathroom and watch the first half while I have a bath. OOOOOOO Duran Duran. I was such a fan. And they still have it.

Yes they do.



  1. I saw this version recently and really liked it, even if it did differ slightly from the book, which I had also read recently. Great performances, and love the costumes too.

  2. I saw the original version at the Barbican a few years ago,and afterwards there was a Q and A with Richard Attenborough. It was really interesting although I can't really say I enjoyed the film so much.

  3. i also love mob/mafia things, haha - i would see this!

  4. that movie looks really good! i love going to movies too :) also, i just wanted to thank you for your sweet comment on my blog. thank you so much. it's nice to know that people understand. i feel so much support from blog friends.. it's amazing. i am for sure going to set little goals for myself, thank you for the advice! you are such a sweet girl claire! hope you have a great day!

  5. will add it to my netflix list... loks pretty good! thanks!

  6. I haven't seen that film but I really want to. But I'm like you, don't know much about the film or the book. =)

  7. Anything with Helen Mirren=Yes. I love her. This movie sounds really interesting! I do like Duran Duran. I actually did an 80s music post on my blog yesterday. I feel like I'm a cheesy self-promoter, but check it out if you want since I know you like them! We watched 500 days of summer this weekend (in our own attempt to watch more movies/ sample more culture, etc..) and thought it was kind of "meh." A bit boring?
    Well, glad to find your site. Cheers!

  8. Why have I never thought about taking my laptop into the bathroom?? HAHA!

  9. Hi Claire! :) No, the book hasn't arrived yet. I hope it didn't get lost in the mail! Thank you for your kind comment, I hope you are doing well :)

  10. I've never heard of it but then again there are a ton of movies I don't know about.

    But I do like period movies of all sorts. x

  11. I may be burning with envy for your ice cream shop.

  12. I've Sky+'d the Duran Duran prog and am looking forward to when I have the house to myself and can settle into my favourite chair and watch it with the John Taylor doll that a friend's granny knitted for me when I was very much younger...