Wednesday, 9 March 2011

My Favourite Present ever

Today the sun shone (again!) and I was able to go out on my bike.

I love my bike.

A few moons ago it was my Birthday present from Mr D.

He rescued it from the local dump (Whhhhhoooooooo would throw her away!!!!!) and spruced it up for me. It was actually hidden in Mr D’s garage for weeks while he got it ready for me and I never even noticed!

Let me introduce you to my little 1950’s Triumph Bicycle.


See that leather (Brookes) saddle? That is the most comfortable saddle that your bum will ever sit on.

P1010297  I used to have a mountain bike and yet now I cannot ride that or my back protests. That had a gazzzilion gears and was hard as hell to peddle.


This one, has the grand total of 3 gears. And that’s all she needs, to get me to the shops/pub/ work..

Where did I take her….she take me today?

My ALLOTMENT!!!!!! I know I’m so excited that I have my own little piece of heaven which is actually a friend’s allotment but I have been given my own slice to play with…eeeeeee

There I was digging and digging this morning, I made friends with my allotment neighbour, I think we are the only women on the block :) She’s new to it too…so we are going to learn together.

I’m so pleased to have somewhere outside to work to get away from it all (maybe I should turn my BB off while i’m there!?

Maybe this will encourage me to eat more veggies. If I can grow any that is. I’ll keep you updated, at the moment it’s just all about the digging..

Photography class was great this week! Lots of tips for you on Friday!



  1. how fun that you have an allottment!! they have those everywhere here and i think it would be cool to have :)

  2. Can't wait for the snow to melt so I can start biking again... and looking forward to the photography tips! :)


  3. I used to love biking, but my bike is in Norway and I'm in London so it has been a while. And when I go home for a little visit in April it is still going to be a lot of snow in my town. Oh well, glad to hear you are enjoying your bike =)

  4. I now have both bike and allottment envy!

  5. Oh bikes; I love bikes so much; can't wait for summer.

  6. Why would someone throw that bike out?! It's amazing!

    I had to Google what an allotment was. I've never seen one before. It's amazing how different our towns are!

    x Jasmine

  7. Ooh, lovely bike! I've enjoyed using the Boris Bikes in London. It lets you see a whole new side of the city, and I've biked all over the place.

    PS - Thank you so much for ordering my book! I hope you like it! xx

  8. are you kidding me I was just out looking to buy one exactly the same black with a brown basket today... over 600£ Lucky you:)

  9. Oh my gosh your bike is just the cutest thing! And who would've thought it'd be comfier and easier to ride than a mountain bike! What a great gift, Mr. D! :)