Friday, 11 March 2011

Photographic Friday (& look out…she’s got a Tripod!)

There is a recurring theme going on in camera class…and it’s all to do with the dreaded ‘Camera Shake’ ..this…apparently…is a photographers sworn enemy..when the shutter speed goes so low (in low light settings..) that your wee hand can’t hold it still for long enough.. or when snapping moving things….

Mr tutor keeps saying that a tripod is pretty much a must have..

007So lucky for me..I’ve been GIVEN a tripod. Yeah I know lucky for me….maybe not so lucky for you as this could mean me in front of the camera thanks to the self timer mode…haha   (btw I was so ashamed at the state of my bookshelf there on the left that I cropped it out of the photo, and yes that is a wicker basket on the floor with more books in) But as we’re friends we can just pretend that my house is a bit less cluttered. Thanks.

This week we looked at our homework pics and spoke about them..this I think will be a recurring thing at the beginning of each class and I found it really helpful as Mr Tutor basically said how we could improve them. So we just had to take a picture in either A or S mode. Here’s mine..

woods 006

Comments from Tutor were…bit busy in the background..haha he would have liked the background a bit more blurred out. (but I like the treeeeeees Mr Tutor!!)

We did a bit more on A and F modes..  then moved on to…M Mode…YIKES!!

In M Mode you are in FULL control haha so you control the Aperture AND shutter speed yikeys. When you go to the info screen on M mode, you do the shutter speed as usual with the little dial..then to change the Aperture you have to find a little button on the camera that needs holding down & you turn the dial at the same time. On my camera the button has a little square with a + and – symbol on it.

Now I’m not gonna lie to you I got a bit confused about fiddling with both of them, we did a whole bit about taking photos inside without the flash in M Mode, select F8..then change the aperture until that little dotted line (the one underneath the shutter and aperture readings.).is at 0. I need to get the A and S Mode sorted before I go there me thinks..It’s just a question of fiddling..

Other tips I learnt..

When taking a picture inside with flash..change the White Balance to the flash symbol. This makes the flash warmer. I was shocked at the difference this made! You just need to remember to change it back though…!

Put your camera to Drive mode. This is the lots of little squares symbol. This means when holding down the photo taking button (for want of a technical term) the camera keeps taking pictures until you lift your finger off again. This is great for moving objects, wildlife, cars, children..change the focal point to AFc continuous auto focus, then your camera will track the moving object and as you have it in drive mode you will get some decent pictures. When you think about it, as soon as you push the button to take a photo this moves the camera a little, making the dreaded ‘camera shake’ so if you can just keep you finger held down and take several pics…it’s much better! Mr Tutor says that the camera will get good focus at about photo 3 or 4 when you do this.. he is primarily a wildlife photographer and he uses his camera in drive mode all the time. You can still take a single shot, just by pressing once as normal..

NEVER point your lenses at the full sun. You will kill it.  And then you will cry. If you can’t look at the sun with your eyes, then you can’t point your camera at it.  (I guess there are filters etc..come back in ‘accessory week’!

This weeks homework is to take a photo of an animal, trying to get it sharp. I have today taken a gazillian photos of ducks. And I can’t quite decide if I will use any, or if my plan of chips on the prom is going to have to happen..



Not really happy yet. I think I messed around with the settings so much I ended up confusing myself haha!!


I’ve had a lovely day off today, in preparation for a full on working weekend :(

I’ve been digging again. Wanna see?? Ok then..


No I didn’t dig all that but you can just make out the darker patch at the top where I am digging and digging to get rid of all the weedy bits in the soil..

Hope you all have a fun weekend!



  1. great pictures and yay for the tripod!! I have yet to truly learn what each mode on my camera needs, you've definitely inspired me! :) happy weekend!

  2. Hey, lucky for me I was given a tripod too! Not a very expensive one but a tripod nonetheless. I love photography and it's definitely a necessity. Happy Friday!

  3. I so want a tripod! I'm learning so much from your Claire haha. I'm so glad you're doing this class!

  4. Sounds like you're learning a lot. Just keep practising each new thing until you get the hang of it I guess. Oh and I like seeing other people's bookshelves.

  5. I'd love to get a newer, fancier camera and take some photography lessons...

  6. Oh! A tripod is the best thing to have :) Lovely photos!


  7. I'm so excited for you, a tripod really is a must! I bought one in January and I absolutely love it! My boyfriend and I have been walking around London in the evening and taking pictures with it, night photos are so much fun!