Friday, 18 March 2011

Photographic Friday

I have learnt soooo much from this course, there is only a couple of weeks left, and to be honest I think it’s going to be a lot of accessory talk from now on….(if he tells us we need a tripod,  bigger lenses and a flashgun thingy one more time I’ll be expecting him to hand out order forms for his shop…haha)

Anyhoooo what did we learn this week?


Well Mr Tutor told us all about these Long Exposure shots to get the streaky lights effect..

Basically, this requires A Tripod.. (surprise) so that you can set your shutter speed to the longest exposure and the camera will be held steadily in place while it it records the lights going past…hence the streaky light effect. This can also be used for writing your name in sparklers in front of the camera..or the year as I found this pic on We Heart It…obv you would do 2011! haha


If you take a pic of the London eye at night using this method it looks like a Catherine Wheel..


You can also produce Ghost like images, by running in front of the camera whilst the shutter is open..


I can’t wait for some nicer weather so Mr D & I can go and play on the prom with my tripod at night :)

All photos…We Heart It.

By the way… Trampolining was soooo much Fun!! I was the only one in the group that had never been on one before…but I don’t think I made a total fool of myself.. managing to do some sit downs and turn around thingy's whilst staying on the trampoline :)

It is good exercise too, as my stomach muscles are telling me today!

Tonight we are going out with friends to listen to a local band.

Hope the weekend is fabulous for everyone :)


  1. lovely photos!! so glad trampolining was fun :)

  2. Will you take pictures of trampoulining next time pleeeease??/ :)

  3. Those photos are so cool! Good for you for taking a class on photography! I took a two hour crash course today and learned a lot of new stuff...I'm still a very basic beginner! :)

  4. I have actually taken a picture of London Eye like that, it is so cool! I love pictures taken in the dark, they are so cool!

  5. I need a tripod! I love long exposure, but I'm always just that little bit too shaky!

    x Jasmine