Saturday, 26 March 2011

Photography Ffffffffff errrr Saturday?


I know I know. I failed.  And (remember when your English teacher told you never to start a sentence with ‘and’? well I’m 38 years old now so I will if I want to!) not just in the photography front either. I’m behind on Laundry, letter witting, reading..(goodness knows if I’ll have a book review for this week!), Easter rota for work needs doing (eeeeeek) freezer is in the midst of defrosting as i could no longer shut the door, seeds to plant in their containers as it’s still too cold to plant them out on the allotment… car boot crap..umm I mean treasures.. to look out for tomorrow..,It’s 3.30pm now..I wonder how much of that list I can get done today, my only day off this week?!

Well to begin:

Photography class is coming to an end now, the last lesson we spoke mostly about equipment. (yike!) Expensive! I am however going to buy a wireless remote for my camera when I use the tripod and I’ve been told by Mr Tutor that these come relatively cheaply on ebay for about 12.00.

We did also talk about the Bulb setting.

You will find Bulb right at the very end of your shutter speed setting… (You need to be in M) so wind the dial all the way one way, and if it dosent come up…just go the other way and there it will be.

When you have your camera on Bulb, this means you control the opening and closing of the shutter. Press the button as if to take a picture..and the shutter opens…keep your finger pressed down for as long as you want….then release, and the shutter closes.

This is how people take pictures of Lightening and Fireworks.


While you are waiting for some lightening to to open the shutter…then as soon as you see the lightening, release, and the shutter will close. Otherwise, if you try and take a picture normally when you see lightening, you won’t be quick enough.



For can press to open the shutter as soon as the firework goes up…wait for it to ‘pop’ and then close the shutter, so you will have ‘recorded’ the trail of the firework. Voila! You should have a firework pic!

Pics from Google Images

So now you can get out there in the storm/at the firework display haha.

This weeks homework is to take a portrait photo, it can be inside or outside, head shot or full, black and white or colour. I’m thinking of using one of these..




What do we think? Vote? I just don’t know if I have time to take any more!

Hope your weekend is fab! I’m off to tick more things off my to do list!



  1. good luck getting everything done!
    and {I will also use and to start a sentence! and I won't use caps!} I think the first photo is perfect! :)

  2. I love the first portrait photo!

  3. Oooh I love the last pic just b/c it has more spunk:-) Good job with your photography! I totally want to take classes again someday.

    Oh and about your comment on my fuschia fettish . . . lol my hubby is very opinionated about our decor ha ha and we both compromise, he'd freak if I made a pink room . . . but when we do have a lil girl I'm going alllll out!

  4. I didn't know how to take photos of fireworks and stuff so this was very useful! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Great tips - and wow, you sounds busy!

    Thanks so much for your kind words about my book! :) Hope you're having a great weekend.

    I like the last photo.

  6. Such great tips! And (haha I used and) I will keep them in mind when I get my fancy camera.

    I love all the pics but especially the first one! Lovely.

  7. You have so much to do! I hope everything gets done soon :)
    Thank you for sharing the info on the shutter speed. I tried taking photos of fireworks once, and they all turned out bad! haha.
    I like the first portrait! :)
    Have a good week!


  8. Totally LUVs the first!! Shows off your gorgeous hair and perfect complexion.

  9. I love the middle black and white one. It has a very 40s feel about it :)

    x Jasmine

  10. I think I love the first photo! What a great class you're taking. I wish I was a better photographer.

  11. I seriously need to take a photography class! I feel like my camera isn't getting the use it deserves! Btw, I really like the last photo!

  12. Hi Claire!!

    I can so relate to being behind! I'll be posting about some of the very same things soon! :) We just have lots of ideas twirling around in our minds! ~ How in the world can we possibly shorten the "to do list" when we only keep adding to it!! haha Hope you're getting lots accomplished! Been thinking of you, and yep, been behind with my emailing so wanted to send you a little virtual HUG on here today! Tucker and I love the 1st pic ~ they are all pretty though!! Sounds like you're having fun in the photography class!! :)

    Looking fwd to catching up soon, sweet friend!

  13. I choose the middle picture!! And that is interesting abotu the bulb, i had no idea!