Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Show Season

july 10 384 

After my waffling on about Show Season the other day I came to realise that not everyone lives in Claire World, and therefore will not know what on earth I am getting excited about.

Are we sitting comfortably?  Then I’ll begin :)

Many moons ago when we met (you can read our story here) my husband and I would go on trips to local air shows. Whilst strolling around the Military Vehicles he would comment ‘I’ve always wanted a Willy’s Jeep’

Not long after that we had become friends with some people who owned a couple of WW2 Weapons Carriers, and were taken along for the ride to The War & Peace Show which is the largest Military Vehicle Show in the world. There were fields and fields of people camping in green tents exhibiting their Vehicles for the paying public. We came home from that and decided to join the fun. We had our very own Jeep 2 weeks later. (Yeh I know, we don’t hang about)

me in

(inside the Reo)

And the rest as they say is history. 12 years on from that and we still have that jeep, but we also have a bigger Reo AKA My Second Home down there on the right.. which we (read Mr D) have made into a camper in the back, complete with Wood Burning Stove, full cooker, double bed, and hot water with an out side shower (don’t worry I have a tent so I don’t scare the world too much)

So that’s what we do in ‘Show Season’ We could be found at any local..or nor so local..air show or Hanger Dance with a group of friends (which is growing larger by the year) sitting in a field somewhere, I’ll be the one sat in my chair with a glass of Pimms and a book. Or looking around the ‘pink’ stalls..vintage clothing, books, handmade jewellery.. and Mr D will be found trawling the ‘men’s’ stalls AKA tables full of greasy green metal stuff.


(Mr D  in the jeep)

It’s a great way to get away from it all meet friends and live outside for a bit. And it’s our way of keeping a little bit of history alive. Both our vehicles are American Army, The Jeep dates back to just after WW2 and the Reo truck is Vietnam war era. Next time you watch Platoon or M.A.S.H look out for them!

My dream is one year to travel from show to show without going home. Living the Gypsy life, if only for a summer :)

Oh and just in case you thought we were soft and only went out in the summer….

orford & freds barn 353

This was taken one Dec when we thought it was a good idea to camp out in the snow. Thank goodness for the fire to warm my frozen tootsies on (not to self….Hunters Wellie’s are not built for warmth!)

orford & freds barn 350

So now you know :)

BTW My Photography Lesson last night was great!! I learnt something! And I got Homework!!!! How was that in the plan???

Anyway, I thought I might give you all some tips every week, it may help me to process what I learn in class as I find it hard to retain info, I know there is lots of budding photographers out there. Be warned tho. It is a total beginners class learning what the buttons and settings do. It is only 5 weeks, then if I get on ok I may do a more advanced one.

What do you think? would you be interested to get some tips? Or am i the only one wondering what all the buttons and dials do on my camera haha

Hope everyone is having a great week!


  1. That looks like lots of fun! And I'm always interested in reading about photography tips, there's always new stuff to learn!


  2. sounds wonderful!! loved this post :)

  3. Oh wow, those military vehicles are incredible! I'm a history nerd and I fan girl over anything old! So cool!

    I would love for you to post photography tips! I have so many functions on my camera that I know nothing about!

    x Jasmine

  4. This is a wonderful post - I absolutely love history (I become more and more of a nerd with every post/comment I leave), and I think this looks like a LOT of fun. I can see why you're so excited!
    I would also LOVE photography tips! They are always welcomed :)

  5. i'd love tips! and i cannot believe that is what one of those jeeps look like on the inside! talk about luxury!

  6. that is SO interesting, I had no idea that people did that with those vehicles, how cool!!

  7. That looks like a lot of fun. And I'm glad to hear you are enjoying your photography lessons. Please do share some tips you are learning, that is always helpful.

  8. definitely interested in some tips!

  9. Sounds fabulous! I think I would have fun :)

    And glad your photography class is going well! Tips would be great!

  10. Great to hear how you acquired your vehicles! My partner has a Jeep too, but not as old as yours. He spends hours on Ebay looking at rusty, greasy looking parts (although mostly for tractors, he's doing up an old tractor he imported from the States).