Thursday, 10 March 2011


I had never heard of the word, until recently, then as I was trawling through the blogosphere  one day, I saw it.

Meet Marianne & Michaela.  I have to honest here and confess it took me longer than it should to make the connection (!)

It’s by pure coincidence that I am on both the Twinkies blogs today!! Michaela is having an Art Gallery Date on her getting to know you Wednesday post. I have a wee picture on the art gallery wall, you can hop over and see the story behind this drawing..


Marianne  is my swap partner for Jessie's Stay Handmade Etsy swap! I am loving swaps at the moment, it’s always good to get a wee surprise in the mail, and don’t we all love Etsy?


I can just tell this is the start of another friendship that we have the Blogosphere to thank for :) (hop on over to her blog and see what she has to say on the subject)

My home work for photography this week is to take a picture of an animal. I don’t have an animal (anymore) :( So I’m thinking…a bag of chips on the prom to get the Gulls to come on over?

My legs hurt like hell from all the digging yesterday. How un-fit am I.



  1. yay for new blog friends! and oh my gosh, your plan for getting a picture of an animal is killing me! hahahaha!

  2. I'm SO happy we're swap partners! I even emailed Jessie (she and I are "real" life friends, we went to college together) and told her thank you for matching us up. I was secretly hoping she'd pick out someone from England for me. So you see you and me are meant to be! :)

    I love that you are on both mine and my twinkie's blogs on the same day! That's the twin connection at work haha

    p.s. BBME simply means "blackberry message me" haha I'm addicted to my blackberry messenger on my phone ;)

  3. you are so sweet!! ha i guess if you don't know that we're twins, what a funny moment to put that together! ha

    thank you for this adorable post -- my twinkie was so excited to be paired up with you in England :) and i loved that i was already acquainted with you and even more so since you had played along in my "wanting to know you" virtual date! truly LOVED your artwork and think it was def. one of my favorites!

    cheers to friendships!

    and i do so hope the gulls came over ;) i think chips were smart-- i remember when me and marianne were little, our dad would take us to watch the ducks in the park and we'd feed them bread and when that ran out, we wanted to give them our cheetos we brought as snacks :)

  4. It is always fun to get new blog friends and to be part of someone elses life and to share their passions. Hope you're having a good week =)

  5. how fun! I will check these out :) I'm sure the burning legs feel good in a way though!!