Friday, 1 April 2011

Catching up



We’ve had some nice sunny days lately, I actually got pink skin down on the allotment the other morning :0! And sore muscles from digging!

Other exciting news in the Day household…and reason number four-thousand-and-fifty-seven why I love my husband..

 012I got some shelves above my sewing desk!

I can’t tell you how excited these have made me. I can now get to my sewing machine as it isn’t covered in stuff.


All my jars of ribbons and buttons..


And even little hooks for scissors and tools :)

I’ve been catching up with my outgoing mail..



It’s so nice to be able to sit at the desk now and write, instead of on my lap!

Oh…and see the zebra print there on the left…well it’s the frame I won in a giveaway over at Bon Bon Rose Girls. It’s from The Cherry Blossom Sisters. You can go see their Etsy shop here.


I love winning giveaways. I must enter more maybe I should Google ‘giveaways’ ha!

I’ve had a lovely day off today much needed..lunch with my family, charity shopping (i must do a post with my recent hauls..) and reading. AND Mr D just brought me a packet of fruit Polo’s. Yum! What more could a girl need on her day off!?

Also..I bought a new pair of jeans for the bargain price of 10.50. And they fit. Which is hard to come by with jeans these days. Whoever has legs skinny enough to get into those ‘Skinny Jeans’ that seem to be everywhere needs to eat a donut. Or two.

Happy Friday! :) x


  1. Nice shelves and hooks - maybe I should my husband to help me with my clutter in the studio!

    And congrats on your giveaway win :)


  2. those shelves are amazing!! what a beautiful sewing area!! I find i'm much more inspired to work in a pretty space :)

  3. Love the shelves!

    Winning giveaways is awesome, it feels like you just won the lottery! Cute zebra frame :)

    Happy Friday sweetie, hope you have a great weekend :)


  4. Great shelves! I always feel better when things around me are organised. I'm still writing letters on my lap and I use a mini clipboard.


  5. The shelves are amazing! I can understand that you are excited! Have a lovely weekend =)

  6. Those shelves are fantastic! Kudos to your husband. :)

    Winning giveaways is like the best feeling in the world, it's like getting a present and it's not even a holiday!

  7. yay for giveaways! :) And oh my goodness!! Those shelves look simply wonderful... Happy Weekend to you Claire.

  8. Hey! Thanks for joining the candy swap, it should be great! I'll e-mail you soon with a little form to fill out :D Laters!

  9. Hi Claire,
    Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice comment. I really appreciate it. I really love your sewing area-beautifully organize.~Have a Wonderful Day~

  10. Yay! I love organisation! Mr LG just put up a new shelf in our spare room so I can organise my crafts etc a bit more.

    And I agree, say no to skinny legs! Mmm ... donuts :)

    x Jasmine

    PS. Love the photo of you!

  11. That is AWESOME! I keep telling myself I need an area to organize all of my craft stuff (ever expanding) otherwise it just consumes more and more space... Good idea you guys had!

  12. LOVE it! Can I come over to sew!? Love your space!!

  13. I love the shelves, and how neatly everything is arranged.
    I hope you are having a wonderful weekend.


  14. I love the shelves above your sewing machine! I have always wanted to learn to sew.

  15. I recently just organized my buttons, ribbons, zippers etc in mason jars to - so pretty and practical!

  16. Love your newly organized space! Go hubs!

  17. What a great space for being creative! And I'm so jealous that you can sew, I must learn to sew someday.

  18. The shelves look awesome!! and thank you for voting :)

  19. don't you feel like a million bucks when you win a giveaway? (congrats to you!) or when you realize you married the most perfect man?

    those shelves... GORGEOUS! i hate not having a "craft room" like our old house so me and husband have been playing around with some ideas...

    certainly nothing as handy as those shelves ;) i love them!

    and getting caught up in outgoing mail is a.)not just fun but good to get done because when you find a moment to sit and write "love letters"... well there's nothing more fun than that!