Wednesday, 6 April 2011

De- Cluttering

I’ve been having a virtual de-clutter.  It was getting out of hand. Sometimes when I logged on to Face Book, my entire homepage was taken up with one pages various posts, or I was seeing photo’s of people that I don’t ever contact, am not interested in, and really don’t want to see them in their various state of drunkenness.

So I had a cull. Un- friend-ed and Un-liked said pages and people.


And the same goes for my Blogs that I follow. Seriously, I could spend a good couple of hours reading the blog list, and half the time I really don’t care about the content. So I ‘managed’ my reader list. Got rid of some blogs that I don’t ever even click on anymore. Got rid of some where I was constantly ‘talking’ to myself. Isn’t there some kind of Blog etiquette? When someone comments on my blog I always make the effort to visit them and comment back. Otherwise it just feels a bit..well….rude.  No-one likes to be ignored.

I feel so much lighter for it.

It’s been so hot here today. This is the closest we’ve come for a long time to running out of ice cream :0 good job i was there at 8 this morning making some, just need to wait for it to deep freeze and get it in the cabinet for tomorrow!!

Not that I’m worrying about tomorrow.

Because tomorrow Mr D is taking me out somewhere nice. Date Day. Because we deserve it. And I need it. Like I’ve never needed it before.



  1. I understand what you mean about the not commenting back thing.

    Man I also need to manage my list.. haha this has got me slightly inspired.

  2. Good Job! I'm sure you will begin to see the benefits :)
    Happy Wednesday Claire!

  3. Did that cleaning up a few weeks back - it was well overdue!

    Enjoy your Date Day tomorrow :)


  4. I probably need to do the same clean up myself and I totally agree with you on the not commenting back it is so rude.

  5. I manage my blogger list about once a month because there is always that one boring blog that you force yourself to read through every week hoping for a comment back : ) Hahaha!

  6. I really should do that with my Facebook account! I've already done this with my Twitter account since I can barely keep up with tweets throughout the day.

  7. I know what you mean about commenting on someone's blog and they never bother to comment on yours, even though they're supposedly following. Enjoy your date day.

  8. I try to comment back every time someone comments - I have a folder in my email where I store my comment emails so I can be sure to respond back :)

  9. I hear you about "talking to yourself." It's especially frustrating when its a blog with very similar content/ style to your own so you aren't sure why they aren't responding. I think some people just comment initially to get you to follow them, and lack real interest in reading other blogs regularly. I, unfortunately, am addicted haha!

  10. I am with you on not understanding why people don't comment back. I mean, is it really that hard to leave a simple comment back, even if you don't like that persons blog? I always make sure I comment back to every single comment I get!

    I love decluttering!

    x Jasmine

  11. I just did the EXACT same thing! Spring cleaning is great... not just your real home, but your cyber home as well. New to your blog, but simply loving it! :)