Thursday, 7 April 2011

My Teenage Bookworm Self

I have always read books, through primary school I was off to the library pretty sharp-ish to trade in a book for another new one. I couldn’t wait to read it and then on to the next one. Like there was so many books to read and only a life time to read them.

Then I became a teenager. And lucky for me I found a best friend in high school who shared the same love for books as me. Every week we would go to the bookshop, spend our pocket money on a book each, read them and swap them, then on to the next one!

We were very into the Sweet Dreams books.










Then came Sweet Valley High, and The Wakefield Twins were who I wanted to be friends with.


Between us I think we had the whole set. Which was about 150 if I remember rightly. And there was the Super Editions, which were like separate one off stories like Perfect Summer..Spring Break…

Hopping around the blogosphere the other day, I found out a very interesting piece of info. I can’t remember who’s blog I saw it on so if it was yours let me know!!


Oh. My. How I want to read this. I wonder what they are up to 10 years later?!

By the way. If you watched the TV series of this which was aired over here in about the mid- 90’s, please don’t judge the books by them. The books are every teenage British girls dream of an American High School experience. The TV series I couldn’t bear to watch.

I can’t remember when I got rid of these books but I’m regretting it. I never see them in charity shops either. Hmmmm. Ebay?

Anyone read them?

I have had the best day today with Mr D. He knows how to treat his little wifey. I’ll tell all soon.



  1. Hi, I am Chrissy and we have been teamed up by Erin for the candy swap! Exciting! Looking forward to getting to know you! Hugs xxx

  2. Oooh I loved these books so much I would love to read what they are doing 10 years later.

  3. I've never been much of a book person. I always just watch the tv show/movie rather than read the book. hahaha. i used to watch sweet valley high and babysitter's club! right now i'm reading the confessions of a shopaholic series only because i loved the movie so much! hahaha.

    Also, I can't wait to hear what you did with your mister! I love having fun days with mine : )

  4. Oh my gosh!! I had a whole heap of those Sweet Dreams books. I even read The Popularity Plan. These books were older than my age group but I got a whole heap of them from my ex sis in law.

    As for Sweet Valley I had a huge collection of them but I gave mine away too :( I wish I will had them. They were some of my fave books.

    I definitely want to read that new one. How awesome?!

  5. I LOVED LOVED LOVED my Sweet Valley High books. They were so good...though I can't seem to remember at all what they were about, just that I loved them! Maybe it's like the Gossip Girl books now!

  6. Sweet Valley High! Sweet Valley High! I SO loved these book growing up. Interesting to see that they're back again.

  7. oh my gosh! I used to collect those sweet valley high books...oh memories, I always wanted to be jessica but I think I've turned in to Elizabeth :)

  8. I never really got into these book but I do want to read the newest Sweet Valley!

  9. I read WAY too much Sweet Valley High...oh and Twins too!

  10. i used to read sweet valley high! and babysitters club, nancy drew... I still read as much as I did then too :)

  11. I only watched the sweet valley high show, but I know I would have loved the books- right up my alley!

  12. I have passed the Versatile Blogger Award to you x

  13. I loveddd the Sweet Valley books! I thought the twins were SO COOL. Definitely going to find and read the newest one to see what those girls are up to ten years later, haha.

  14. Wow, what a walk down memory lane! I was obsessed with Sweet Valley High, and Baby Sitter's Club before that.
    Have a lovely weekend!

  15. I have never read any of these. I did read a lot of Shakespeare growing up. Thanks to the literature classes.
    I plan on reading a lot this summer. These will be on my list :)
    I hope you have a wonderful weekend.


  16. LOVE this! I used to read the Sweet Dreams book and then, obviously, I was in love with the Sweet Valley books. My Mum gave all of mine to LifeLine when I was in Uni and I was devastated. I now want to start collecting them again!

    I'm intrigued by this '10 years later' book! :o

    x Jasmine

  17. omg, I used to LOVE the Sweet Dreams books!

  18. Oh my gosh, girl, I used to absolutely LOVE Sweet Valley! I definitely wanted to be their friends.