Thursday, 26 May 2011

Fancy a slice?

I’ve never gotten around to making these at work. (I presume you all know I’m the ice cream girl right?)

Ice cream cakes. Can I tempt you? I think i may search for the right size tin and have a wee go.


I’ve been looking for inspiration on Google images, & it’s got me quite excited.


All I need is the right tin to freeze it in, some time (& probably patience) & bob will be my preverbal uncle.

Anyone ever seen these in an ice cream parlour?

(btw me & blogger. Well we haven't totally divorced. Yet. I’ve sussed out…*read, whilst blog stalking I read this on a comments section & now can’t remember where I saw it*… that when you need to ‘choose a profile’ if you select the name/url option it works. But then this option isn’t always there.

Don’t hate me for not commenting on your blog. It’s his (bloggers) fault not mine, & I’m not giving up without a fight.

Oh, it rained. ALOT today. Hurray!!



  1. Check out the comment I just left on your last post. It seems we have a solution.

  2. I am a huge fan of ice cream cake! So excited to see you post pics:-)

    Psst I have read Twenties Girl, great book!

  3. ice cream cake is a gift from god. i'm convinced. i'm oddly grateful after reading this entry :)

  4. MMmmmm... ice cream cake... yes please!


  5. Seriously, blogger has been absolutely ridiculous lately. Now it's hiding all of the followers on everyone's page.

    I think blogger should give us free ice cream cake. : )

  6. My hubs is most addicted to ice cream cake. He always gets it for his bday!

  7. Oh man, ice-cream cake is the best! would love to see how yours comes out :o)

  8. Ice cream cake I do like. But there was a time when it would make me feel sick (do due actually getting sick when I had some years ago for my brother's birthday). But now I like it again. x

  9. I have never had ice cream cake, it looks like heaven.

  10. Mmm! These cakes look unreal. And man, it's raining here so hard, and i'm sick of it too! Maybe I should do some cake-making as well to distract myself:)

  11. i love icecream and i've always wanted an icecream cake for my bday haha.

  12. I LOVE ice cream cake. My Mum makes a great one - bottom layer is vanilla; next layer is strawberry; in the middle is berries (blueberry, raspberry etc) and crushed up meringue; more strawberry; more vanilla; topped off with strawberries and grated chocolate. Divine!!

    x Jasmine