Saturday, 28 May 2011

I need a smaller bag…

I have 3 handbags which I alternate using, depending on the situation, and at the moment, I’m using the biggest. I’ve had a very busy week work wise and I find this one great for dumping everything into that I may need for the day.

The only problem is though, that I do exactly that. Dump everything in it. My back protests. This morning it was so heavy (esp after I’d been to the bank and got a load of change for the shop!) i actually thought the straps would give up.


So here is the bag. Nice? It’s from Accessorise, and was a present from my mum.

I bet you want to see what’s in it don’t you?


003  Filofax.. I love my Filofax, I’ve had it for about ten years so it’s just the right amount of worn-ness.

Notepads.. So who doesn't carry these around? The one with the little house is from Emily Martin at The Black Apple, one of my favourite Etsy shops, in this is my random lists and things to do.

Mail.. I got a letter yesterday from the lovely Jasmine, so I took it with me to read when I had a spare minute or two.

More notepads.. The stripy note pad is my work scribbles, I keep the messages in here to do the rota with, requests for holidays from the staff etc



Scooby Snacks.. I always always carry food around with me,so that I can re fuel. I don’t drink a lot of coke, but sometimes it’s good to get some sugar.  and don’t let the fruit fool you. This fruit has been in my bag for 3 days now. The chocolate however won;t survive the day.

Music & hair accessories.. If I’m in the shop on my own, I like to plug my own music into the system, & I always need to be able to tie my hair back if I’m working.



Essentials.. Face wipes, deodorant (it’s hot work making ice cream. (no I’m not kidding lol) Perfume (Covert by SJP. Love it) Anti bacterial hand gel (I’m sure that I spend more time than a normal 38yr old in Porta-loos) NO7 day cream with factor 15, I hate the feeling of sun lotion on my face so I use this.

Journal.. Cath Kidston (love her) I just recently bought this, & haven’t written in it yet :0.

Paper chase goodies.. My favourite shop for writing goodies, I went there yesterday & couldn’t leave the shop without these stickers, postcards & yep you guessed it..more notepads.



Book.. I don’t think I actually own a bag that a book won’t fit into. It’s what i judge all would be handbags on. Yes I am reading a Christmas themed novel in June. It’s my second one this week, and I’m loving it. Roll on Dec!!

Malta souvenirs & Keys.. My Mum & Dad went to Malta the other week, we lived there when I was a wee lass, and they’ve never been back, so they had fun reliving their youth :) The keys are my work bunch. Keys to the shop, the Ice cream factory, & the Bar that my bosses also own.  

As you can tell by the time wasting element to this post (I’ve always seen these kind of posts and thought really? Who has time to take photos of their handbag contents?) I have the rest of the day off. Mr D is Sound engineering for a local Blues Festival.

Picture me, in my PJ’s (yup at 1pm) the second disc of the first series of  Weeds, tea, (I’ll progress to the wine later) chocolate, and a huge pile of magazines.

Happy Days :) x


  1. i likee that accessorise bag its cute!

  2. I'm so with you on having to have a bag that a book will fit into to. I never go anywhere without a book in my bag, because you just never know when you might get a free few minutes to read - stuck in a traffic jam, stuck in a queue at the post office, waiting longer than you ever thought possible at the doctor's surgery. As long as you have a book, you don't have to be one of those people tutting crossly and getting bored, instead you can be one of those people who thinks 'oooh, lovely, I can just get a few more pages read.' Bliss!
    Loving the notebooks, by the way.

  3. my giant purse is so full of crap I don't need to be carrying around! If my husband asks for something and I say it's in my purse, he refuses to even attempt to look for it

  4. I thought I had a lot of stuff in my bag but Claire, I think you have won! I have like.. 1/2 of what you have and I am known to carry the world with me in my bag haha...

  5. i have so many things in my bag, I never find anything :).
    And I change my bag everyday :)).

  6. You do carry a lot around with you. I carry the bear minimum, mainly due to shoulder injury so need to keep the weight to a minimum. Great bag though.

  7. My bag has to be able to fit a book in it as well I never leave home with out one.

  8. My purse always seems so heavy, too!! I love that you said the chocolate will be gone right away, but the fruit has been in there for a few days. Sounds like me!!

  9. I always have a lot of stuff in my bag I should probably invest in a really big one someday.

  10. I love my purse because it has lots of pockets, so even though I have a lot of stuff I'm able to keep relatively organized =-)

  11. I love seeing inside people's handbags. I do like to see that you carry around a few notebooks and a book. My bag at the moment is so small I can hardly ever fit a book in it. Or a bottle of water etc.

    I adore your filofax. I hope mine will last for years to come too.

  12. Your bag contents are a lot like mine! I stuff SO much into my bag that I constantly have to go to the chiro for back and neck pain :/ BUT, I'm so used to having everything on hand that I couldn't imagine having a smaller bag!

    x Jasmine

    PS. So glad my letter arrived safely!

  13. it's fun to look into someone else's bag! i feel like you can learn a lot about them. i love the food, a must. and all the notebooks, books, journals, etc. so great, but so heavy! i seem to always carry around diapers, wipes, water, toys...and i'm terrible at cleaning out my bag. i especially dislike when snacks get smooshed and leak out of the bag in my bag! not fun. BTW, your bag is lovely! very colorful!

    Claire @

  14. haha- I have to say, I went from having a collection of HUGE purses/ bags that I could keep practically a weekends' worth of stuff in, to no purse, and just using my pockets. Strange how it went from one extreme to another!

  15. Scooby snacks?! Love! Lol I always put wayyy to much in my bags too. Love the esty journals, a must have to scratch down any notes, etc!

  16. yess youu should go! i loveed brighton it was soo fun :)

  17. The patina on your Filofax is so, SO amazing. I am in love!

  18. I <3 that bag! So cute. I ALWAYS carry a book with me, you never know! Your Filofax is so pretty, I thought it was a new one.
    Love all the journals/papers, too funny. I totally enjoy these "what's in my bag" posts.
    Well done!

  19. i know what you mean about needing a smaller bag, I always put SO much stuff in mine! but i kind of have to since I'm gone all day!

  20. You mum has good tastes. I love that bag! I usually carry a bag big enough to carry books and magazines in. :) -xo

  21. I'm so the same I carry the entire contents of my house it feels sometimes its so heavy!! All essential items though of course - especially when it comes to my Filofax :0)

  22. I am in LOVE with your bag! :) It seems like you are well prepared for anything that might happen in your day thanks to the contents of your bag :) I wish I was in my pj's right now at 10:55 AM watching season 2 of "White Collar" in preparation to the season 3 premiere tonight! :) Your day sounded heavenly :)