Tuesday, 10 May 2011

My Friend the Mail Man (or lady)

I have quite a few different Mail people. Sometimes it’s a Mr and sometimes a Mrs. But I love them all equally.

Mainly because they bring me nice things :)

I took part in the Candy Swap which was organised by Erin at My Beautiful Disaster

And oh am I glad I did.

Look at the box full of goodies that my swap partner Chrissy


All the way from Chicago! Plus she also sent me a couple of lovely handmade things. A cute brooch and Owl decoration :)


How wonderful is that?! (To see what I sent her go here)

I also took part in a postcard swap organised by the lovely Gracie. The idea was to send your swap partner a postcard with a favourite quote on it. I was paired with Maria at Life Long Book Passion. Here’s what she sent me.



Gracie is great for setting this up, and also for sending me this book which sooo many people have gone on and on about!


I haven’t started it yet but it’s next on my list and I can’t wait!

BTW It rained the last TWO nights. Overnight while I slept.


If only I had known. I may have gone out and danced in it.



  1. Great swaps! We had the most pathetic amount of rain here, certainly not enough to dance in!

  2. Cool stuff! No rain here to speak of...

  3. So fun! The owl decoration is too cute :)


  4. Thanks for the sweet shout out! So glad you liked it!
    No rain here - the temps finally went up, as did the humidity! Yay!
    Hugs xxx

  5. Ahhhh the hunger games!!! Everyone has been talking about it. I can't wait to get my hands on the whole series! :)

    <3 Belly B

  6. how fun! what a great idea!

  7. happy mail always makes my day! :) a candy swap?! how did i miss that one!?!? it's unreal that EVERY TIME i wash my jeans, i have to empty the candy wrappers from my pockets lol

    gracie's swap was so much fun cos it was two of my favorite things: quotes + postcards. you reminded me i need to blog about it... oh and maria? i adore her! lucky you!

    & cheers to swaps and happy mail xo

  8. ps. also i love the brooch and handmade owl... it's unbelievably kind when your partner goes that extra mile. i love it!

  9. Yay for goodies in the mail!!! Those treats look tasty!

  10. how cool about those swaps! i think i'm really lovin' that candy one :) and i love the rain too! it rained here last night as well.


  11. That little owl is too cute! You got such great stuff!

  12. Oh my don't you love mail and swaps :) Thanks again for participating. I'm sure there will be more swaps happening.

    Enjoy the book!

  13. oh the hunger games!! hurry read it! we can discuss