Sunday, 22 May 2011

Oh to be 19 again…

Would you all like to join me in wishing my Niece a Very Happy Birthday ?

5146468074_17d696962d_thumb  She spent the day feeling a tad fragile after her Birthday night out with her friends, but did still manage to come for a stroll to a sea front cafe bar for a….coke haha.

I found a little collection of her various guises..



26047_349969128140_527148140_3699946_3772052_n 206374_10150153592143141_527148140_6791057_7814371_n

Oh to be 19 and have the time/willpower to have so many looks haha

And here she is ready for her big night on the town.. (on the left of course)230151_10150190579938141_527148140_7123031_3080650_n

It seems so long ago that I was 19, even though my brain still thinks I am. It’s my body that doth protest.

All together now….

Haaaaaaapppppppyyyyyy Biiiiirrrrrrrrthdaaaaaaaay




  1. Happy Birthday Kirsten. I so agree I dont feel my age but my body is letting me down in so many ways.

  2. Happy Birthday! What sweet photos of her!
    Hope she had a wonderful day! xxx

  3. awww happy birthday to your beautiful niece!!!

    to be 19 again... i was in italy experiencing it for the first time with a boy called francesco under the tuscan sun... wowee. i wouldn't mind 19... just not 22-24ish... although yes! so i could do a re-do ;) ha!

  4. Happy Birthday to her! Love all of her different styled outfits!

  5. Happy b-day to your cute sis! Mine's tomorrow, wooo hooo!

    Turning 28 . . . but I still feel 19 lol.

  6. 19 was my favorite year so far. Although I'm only 22 so I have a ways to go haha. Happy Birthday to your cousins!

  7. Happy birthday to your niece. She is beautiful!
    Have a great week!


  8. Happy Birthday! Love the photos, they are fantastic!

  9. What a cutie! I wish I could be 19 again!

  10. Just wanted to tell you I did the blog post on the birthday card you sent me!!! :)

  11. Happy Birthday to your adorable niece! 19. Gosh, to think...I went to live abroad in Latin America at that age. I did crazy things like hike through jungles and bathe in waterfalls. It was fabulous and terribly dangerous. And I'd probably be way too jaded to do something like that now!

  12. Happy Birthday!! Your niece is super cute :)

    x Jasmine

  13. Happy Birthday to your niece!!