Sunday, 8 May 2011


No, we haven’t had any lately. The April showers have eluded us this year, I can’t actually remember the last time it rained, but I think it was about a month ago.



I don’t hate the rain. I mean we’re not made of sugar are we?


So we’ve been having an unusually hot and dry spring. For England. And we always say, that here in our little East Coast Town, we have our own weather system, so even when everywhere else is getting a good soaking, I have had my new straw sun hat on (I’ll have to take pics to show you that :) Having said that, you just know at the first sniff of rain, the goods old British will be moaning that we never get any good weather. Oh how short the memory is.


So. You know with Sun. Comes a lot of sales.

The ice cream cabinet is not looking as plentiful as this much these days. Those darn customers keep taking it from me.

014 - Copy

What can I get you while I have some left? Chocolate Orange? Raspberry Cheesecake? Blueberry Sorbet? White Chocolate and Raspberry? And would you like a flake with that?


Pics from Apart from the last one. Thats mine of course x


  1. I would love some chocolate orange - thank you very much :)

    Thank you so much for your beautiful comment :)

    Cheers to getting some rain soon!!


  2. I think we have had ALL your rain over here! Seems like that's all it did in April...

    Enjoy that ice cream! Yum.

  3. I don't hate the rain, but it hasn't stopped in NY for weeks. THat ice cream looks great!!

  4. im popping over here from "our love never fails" and i love your header! these photos are pretty cute too. can't wait to read more:)

  5. I hope you get some rain soon. We seem to be getting a lot now which is so weird considering we were in drought for years. But it keeps things green and growing.

    Chocolate orange or blueberry sorbet :)

  6. I wish the rain would let up here! At least it's not snowing I suppose.

    Mmmmm, that icecream looks SO GOOD. I'd love some raspberry cheesecake, please. :)

  7. No rain here either yet. Chocolate orange for me please - and a flake!

  8. i am LOVING the sun :) the uk is in a generous mood... for now anyways xx

  9. Mmm chocolate orange sounds AMAZING!

  10. oh i like rain! but i love the sun!
    and everything that has chocolate! yummmy

  11. That's crazy it's been raining here like annoying! ha

  12. Ooo raspberry cheesecake sounds lovely, yes please :) Had my first outdoor ice-cream of the year this weekend, from Marine Ices which is very tasty and (sort of) just round the corner. Yum.

  13. had to come back and say THANKS for your thoughts and advice on my Australia choice:) It's great feeling the support and hearing insight from bloggers... and you're right... what's the loss?? (yikes!) I'm leaning towards 'maybe yes':)

  14. PS. and I'd LOVE it if you participated in the photo link up!! it's always fun to start learning about the SLR with a little photo project in mind:) I'm sure your photos will be beautiful, can't wait to see them! Would you like to be added to the email list to stay updated on the montly themes?

  15. That ice cream looks delicious! Would you like to send some to me?! Haha hope you have a wonderful week!

  16. Thanks for the comment girl!! I love meeting fellow red heads!! We got to stay together so we don't get over taken by all the other dominant genes!!!

    I will def follow back =]

  17. my goodness that ice cream looks delicious! i had a small taste of the most fabulous flavor the other day... salted caramel. i almost died and went to heaven (if only they hadn't run out so i could've had a whole scoop!).

    i love the rain, it always smells wonderful when it starts!

  18. You can have some of our rain! Brisbane flooded in January! I'm over the rain and I'm so glad it's finally stopped (for now!).

    x Jasmine