Wednesday, 18 May 2011


Shoes. We all love them, no?  I love shoes but I’m not, as you would say, a ‘shoe addict’  I don’t often see any I like, usually I don’t like what’s ‘in fashion’ I like a nice pair of good quality shoes, and boots, and I’ll usually wear them to death before going to the next pair. So at the moment my shoe wardrobe consists of  2 pairs of boots.

These ones were my purchase this past winter and I swear I wore them two months solid, with skirts, dresses, trousers..

009 - Copy

And the pair below I’ve had for about 5 years. They are All Stars, with lovely fluffy lining as you can see :)

woods 030

Shoes of the moment consist of the all important Clarks black flat Mary Jane’s style which are the most comfortable shoes ever.

And for kicking about in the summer? I have my green converse ankle boots which I’ve had for about 6 years. My summer flip flops I’ve owned for about 7 years and I still love them.

So you get the picture? I don’t have a big shoe collection, and notice anything else? No heels. At all. Comfort is what it’s all about for me.

So imagine my surprise when one day my (shoe crazy) niece pointed out some shoes in a little boutique shop we were browsing around.  And my heart just kind of.


Oh deary me. I fear bad things may be about to happen.






I really really really love them. Really. Like I’ve never loved shoes before.

Go see the Irregular Choice website, and tell me you don’t.


Happy Wednesday, I’m off to make 120 litres off ice cream today. What are you up to?


  1. I don't have a huge shoe fetish, though I do own a lot of shoes (I have a mother who loves shoes and buys lots for me, or gives me ones she doesn't want anymore). I can't really wear heels because I have a bad foot (dropped a platter on it about 3 years ago and it's still sore!). BUT, I love those heels! How ridiculously cute are they? Will you get a pair?

    x Jasmine

    PS. Love your 'about me' section. Your Mr is pretty cute!

  2. I have a shoe fetish and love all of these. Oh why, oh why did you show me hehehhe

  3. Ooh I really like the last ones.

  4. Oh my goodness. I love these shoes. Especially the last pair - it looks like it could've belonged to Mary Poppins. So cute! Thanks for sharing!!

    Btw, I wanted to answer you via Email to your comment on my blog, but blogger is acting weird, again. So here it comes, my answer:

    Haha, that could be me. It's so hard to stick to my own rules, I really miss sugar on the evenings. And it's hard to cut out carbs as well for dinner, because a few weeks ago I practically lived for pasta. :( But I can do it, yay. And you can do it, too. If you want to. :)

    Oh yeah, shame on him. Sad thing is, that we used to be best friends in teenager times and I miss him ever since. I just want him to be part of my life again, no matter what. But apparently he moved on... :(

    Hope you're doing good. Here's too a good week!
    XO and lots of love!!

  5. I have a huge shoe addiction, I absolutely love shoes and can never have enough. And all of the shoes you want look amazing! I think you should buy them all =)

  6. How cute are those shoes?!?!? They are so Marie-Antoinette-ish! Where are they from? I'd love to see if I could order them online! LOL.

  7. I love Irregular choice! I happened to come across a shop stocking them the other day and had to be pulled away sharply!

  8. Those are so FUN! I adore the last pair!

  9. Oh my I do love the blue heels with the little red bows. Adorable!

    I do have a bit of shoe fetish, but I live for ballet flats. I have a fair few shoes and always want to buy more but I end up wearing the same few pairs anyway.

  10. I love shoes, but I tend to limit myself to flats only (as I'm six feet tall and don't need anymore of a height advantage!).

    The pair in the first picture are SO cute! ♥

  11. I don't really have a shoe fetish either, but I have tons of shoes! Haha. So weird. I wear the same ones over and over.

    That sounds like a LOT of ice cream!!

  12. shoes... my weakness! :) i love your fun taste in them and pops of color!

    i do believe in treating oneself for sure ;)

    ps. btw, your comment on my little video hello quite possibly was my favorite!!! xo THANKYOU for making my day!

  13. they r so unique! love it :)

  14. i'm crazy about shoes and these are all lovely! i'm especially coveting those blue ones with the cute red bow. very cute! maybe you just needed to find the right shoes to fall in love :)

  15. Irregular choice do have some pretty darn amazing shoes... but then I am a HUGE shoe addict

  16. Oh, don't even talk to me about shoes. I'm in pain from wearing high heels for the past two night! Ouch!

    120 litres of ice cream? Yum!

  17. i LOVE the first ones! SO CUTE! oh and the very last ones on your list, i might have to get them too! I'm in love!!

  18. shooooes!?? what a happy way to start a friday;)
    Love alll of these. so original and fun! you gotta get some!
    Have a good weekend, xo

  19. I love it girl! Those are so cute and I think a good choice in starting a shoe collection : )

  20. i really like your blog, if you want we can be followers

  21. I love those blue shoes! Great colour!