Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Weekend Fun

I did work on Saturday, but not before I finished my apron :)



I got the chintzy material from a charity shop..I have loads left for more :) Some of the lace is vintage, and the material for the pocket came from Mummie’s stash :)

I’m pleased with it, although will definitely make some changes for the next one. (Guess what everyone’s getting for Christmas lol)

After work, I toddled off to Rougham Airfield to join Mr D at the 4x4 show.



There was a small off road course which was no trouble for the Jeep :)


Of course he had to have a go on the See Saw and show those Land Rover owners how it’s done.

038 (2)

It was soooo windy on the airfield, so there wasn’t much sitting out, but there was a great Beer tent with a heater in it. So we just had to.

Apart from that, I finished the first 6 episodes of Weeds!! How right you all were, It makes me laugh so much!

Oh, have you noticed? I did an ‘About Me’ page at the top there. I’m slowly getting there , I’ve been wanting to do one for ages!

Go read it. If you want. You might learn something interesting :)



  1. That apron is so cute. I'm sure they would be lovely as gifts.

    I might have to try Weeds. Mainly because I want to see Hunter Parrish :p

  2. OOOh I love the apron, super cute. I think I will have to try and make one.

  3. Beautiful apron. Really cute!! I bet it makes even more fun to bake something now, right? :)

    Have a happy week!

  4. I love your apron! You are just good at everything you do! Very inspiring!


  5. I love your apron, it's so cute.
    And you should go and have a picnic.

  6. You're about me is so sweet! I'd love to have tea with you :) And like all these ladies here have said concerning your apron, it is so cute ;)
    Amber aka HappyWife
    ps thanks for the lovely comments that you leave on my blog, always encouraging

  7. Love the apron! And the 4x4 mini-race looks like a lot of fun :)


  8. I love that apron, it's so cute!!

    Oh that does look like fun :)

    Happy Tuesday Sweetie!!


  9. Super cute apron! And I thought those pictures were from an episode of MASH at first, hahaha.

    Loveee Weeds! Up until the 4th season anyway, I was a little disappointed with how everything started playing out around that point. Enjoy! ♥

  10. I've always wanted a Jeep... and this one is pretty stinkin awesome!

  11. LOVE the apron! I too check charity/vintage/second-hand stores for neat fabrics! I actually found some really neat fabrics from old curtains at a local thrift shop! I'm headed to one tomorrow! I'm in dire need of some cute teacups!!!

  12. oh my gosh, mark would love a 4x4 show!!

  13. sounds like a fun show! and love that apron. what a great idea. i always have to wear the full apron though since i always manage to splash all over my shirt! but that apron looks so adorable!


  14. That apron is so cute! You should sell them or give them as gifts! Hope you're having a great day!

  15. Well, aren't you talented! That apron is adorable! Good job :)

    I'm off to read your 'about me' now!

    x Jasmine

  16. Well done! That apron is just darling!