Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Book Review No 17!

Yes. Although I have been slacking in the review department, I have actually still been reading as much as ever. Because you know, no matter how busy life gets, no matter how many fabulous blogs there are to read, & virtual pals to keep in touch with, there is always time to read a book. Or two.

About 3 weeks ago, I read 2 books in the same week. They were both Christmas themed, & I loved both of them.

Onto the first one.


It’s Bea’s first Christmas with her baby son, and this year she’s determined to do everything right. But there is still so much to do: the Christmas menu needs refining; her café, The Honey Pot, needs decorating; and she's invited the whole neighbourhood to a party on Christmas Day. She really doesn’t have time to get involved in two new people’s lives, let alone fall in love…

When Olivia gets knocked over in the street, however, Bea can’t help bringing her into The Honey Pot and getting to know her. Olivia’s life is even more hectic than her own, and with her fiancé’s entire family over from Ireland for Christmas, she shouldn’t be lingering in the cosy warmth of Bea’s café. Chloe, on the other hand, has nowhere else to go. Her affair with a married man has alienated her friends, and left her lonelier than ever.

But Christmas is a magical time, and in the fragrant atmosphere of The Honey Pot, anything can happen: new friends can be made, hearts can heal, and romance can finally blossom…

First 5 sentences…Tuesday 14th Dec, 4.45pm, Bea. Terry and I were having an argument about garlic. Actually, that's not quite right: we were having a discussion, a perfectly genial one, pesto, specifically regarding garlics place (or not) in a pesto recipe. Terry claimed every Italian recipe book he’d ever seen advocated the use of garlic in pesto sauce. He may well have been right, but I learned the hard way, from my Italian mother in law, that garlic has no place in pesto.

Where I got my hands on it.. This was another charity shop purchase. For the bargain price of1.25. It has sat on my shelf since a good few months before last Christmas, and I’m not sure why I waited until June to read it…

The cover.. is exactly the right amount of Christmas, for a Christmassy themed book (shall we see how many times I can throw the word Christmas in the review?)

Made me want to… Open my own cafe, which would be called something equally cute like The Honey Pot, work in there with my friends coming in to visit, filling the place with the smell of coffee and freshly baked mince pies, and generally living the dream life. Oh sorry is that too much to ask?

Who’s the lucky duck that’s getting it next?.. I’m giving this to Mum as I have another Christmassy themed book for her which she gave me (for Christmas no less!) haha are we keeping count? That will be book review no. 18 to come very soon!

The book is set in the two week run up to Christmas day. This is one of those books that sucks you in, I loved it. While I was reading it I could picture every character, coming into the Cafe, meeting Bea, and I got totally involved with their lives and problems. Shouted at them (in my head of course) (I think) actually come to think of it Mr D did look at me funny a few times) (or maybe he always looks like that) and laughed with them.

Christmas is my favourite season, ( Spring is a very close second) I love everything about it, the sparkles, the smells, the little traditions, and so reading a book which is based over the Christmas period and set in a lovely little cafe like The Honey Pot is just my ideal book.

As you can tell I loved this book lots, I’ve never read the author before, but I’ve found her latest book on amazon. Hmm do I need more nooks…?


ooooooo look at it…..!

Well it’s Tues night and Mr D is out spending the house keeping on beer and talking boys stuff at the pub, and I’m here at home with my pinny on, thinking up the menu for the rest of the week, (which will be made out of half a tin of chic peas and some rice as that will be all the house keeping money gone) ironing his socks and generally pining for him to come home.

Hmmm. Yeah right.



  1. I'm glad you share my reading love, and I'm not the only intensive swapper collector out there :)

  2. This one sounds cute. I love reading Christmas themed books when it gets closer to Christmas :)

    I do enjoy your book reviews. They always make me want to read what you're reading. x

  3. ahh i just love christmas. it melts me everytime. especially these little xmas stories:) buuuuutt... i don't think I can let go of the summery heat right now;)
    I'll keep these on the list for december. Great reviews.

  4. That's so cute that you read Christmas books in June :) I love Christmas, and the book sounds delightful!

  5. Tell Mr. D to iron his own socks ;)

  6. Ahh, thank you for reminding me ! I have a little xmas-themed book I need to read too ! Hubby is on nights this week so maybe I'll get it started ! Looking forward to following your blog :0) xx

  7. Christmas books in June?! I'll have to check those books out closer to the holidays :)

  8. Sooooooo, now I wish it was Christmas! Haha!

  9. that sounds good!! i'm always looking for book ideas!

  10. Both sounds like very good reads. I think it's really funny that you read Christmas themed books in June. But with this gready weather going on, who am I to blame you? ;-)
    Thanks for the recommendations, anyways.
    Go on with the reading! Yay!

    Here's to a happy weekend. XO.

  11. Ahh I love reading!! I will be checking in for some book reviews! I just finished Paulo Cuehlo's "The Winner Stands Alone"...amazing!! Thanks so much for visiting my blog! What's the secret to 22 years? ;)

    Recipes Fashion Marriage

  12. And now I kind of want to go listen to my *N SYNC Christmas CD. Don't judge ;-)

  13. I love good book recommendations! I just finished 4 books on "holiday" and I so love to read!!! Will have to check it out, thanks hun.

  14. I love Christmas, so this sounds like a perfect book for me!

    x Jasmine