Wednesday, 15 June 2011

In search of a cute camera bag

Now that I have my much loved camera I have been searching the internet for a bag to carry it around in. Easy I hear you say. Well you are wrong.

Easy if you don’t mind looking like a tourist/photography geek with your branded rucksack type bag that’s all matchy matchy with the camera make. Functional. Boring. Not cute.

Easier if you live in the US. You have lots of cuteness to choose from. Not so much over here.

Can anyone say Gap in the Market?

The problem with buying from US sites is not only is it costly to post but then the nasty customs man gets greedy and wants a chunk too, which can make for expensiveness.

But. That doesn't stop me searching.



This one was the first one I found, from Jo Totes, lots of different colours. But maybe a bit too old lady handbaggy? Maybe cuter in different colours?



This handmade one from Etsy shop Porteen Geers I love, as I love lots of designs in that shop, she makes camera straps as well. And the good thing about that is I’ve bought from Etsy lots in the past and the customs man has never got me.


Another Etsy find is this one, Janine King Designs. Only problem here is I don't think the bag is water proof?

But, my absolute favourite is about to be revealed.



Be still. My beating heart.

Kelly Moore

The Classic. But lets be honest, I wouldn't say no to any of them.



There’s even a video of her cuteness on her website where you can really see the greatness of the bags. I tried to embed it for you, but failed, so I’m telling you to click on the link, scroll down and watch the video. And tell me I’m wrong to want one.

So I want to know what else I’m missing in the way of cute camera bags. You got one?



  1. I hear you about the "Gap in the Market" thing...haha! Love what you found....been looking for something cute and non-touristy looking not easy but your finds are awesome! :)


  2. I desperately need a new camera, my current one is held together with sticky tape! I haven't thought of a bag yet, but I hope you keep us posted on what you choose.
    Can I just say that the pic of you on your bike among the bluebells is gorgeous. I bet fairies live there, did you see any?

  3. I was lucky enough to have a bag included in my deal when I bought my latest camera... but it's definitely not as nice as that Kelly Moore one!


  4. There does seem to be a gap in the market. I just have a case for mine but would need a bag if I get another lens, I suppose.

  5. Nice finds!

  6. I want a Kelly Moore bag sooooooo bad!

  7. I too think there is a gap in the market here in Aus. I adore the Kelly Moore bag. Beautiful it is.

    I hope you find one soon (and the whole customs thing is sucky). x

  8. I could do with a new camera bag :) I love your selection :) cute and functional :)

    Love, Vanilla

  9. i HATE camera bags. for the reasons you state, especially looking like a tourist. i have one that is the absolute smallest I could find.

    That first one is a bit old-ladyish lol, but practically, the strap is no good to lug around.

    The rest are beautiful, love that second one and would own that.

    My fave type would be small with a good wide strap. But now seeing your picks, I also like the idea of one that could hold my camera safely but then double as an ordinary bag. Still keeping it smallish with a good strap.

    Great finds!

  10. Thanks for your well wishes. be glad when the whole Three Peaks challenge is done!

    I know exactly what you mean about camera bags! I have a very boring black one... Not the most fashionable, however as my hubby tends to carry it around when we are out its pprobably best! (can't imagine him with a trendy or pretty one!)
    I would like something pretty though, as it often doubles as my handbag too!

    X x

  11. Bags... We and our love affairs :).
    Beautiful finds.

  12. Hey, I've been looking for a new bag lately too! This post is perfect timing ;-) Hmmm... I wonder if there are any cute bags out on Etsy?? I'll have to take a peek.

    Happy Thursday Dear! xo

  13. love those choices. all of them are great. the last one does seem quite functional and cute. that etsy one which isn't waterproof though is my fave! it's nice looking (but maybe not so practical since it's not waterproof).

  14. I love the Kelly Moore bag! A camera is first on my list but I suppose that after that I'll need to find a cute bag too :)

  15. That camera bag in ADORABLE! My friend is obsessed with cameras and I am going to have to send this link her way...thanks for doing the shopping for us :)

  16. those are all such good options! i need a new good one also!

  17. Such a pretty selection! My dream camera bag is this one:

    Requires some saving though! ♥

  18. I think that Kelly Moore bag is so pretty! I don't live in England, so I probably won't be much help, but I hope you find the perfect one!!

  19. These days I have a little point n shoot that goes in the pocket. My problem is finding a nice credit card wallet. You wouldn't think it would be so hard, but the nice ones don't ever seem to have enough transparent bits inside them, and the cheap and cheerful ones fall to bits. Any suggestions welcome!

  20. SUPER cute bags! I don't use a camera bag, instead all my camera stuff goes into my supremely large everyday bag (seriously, it's almost luggage size ... no wonder I have back problems!).

    x Jasmine

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  22. The ones pictured here are pretty cute! I'd go with one that fits the camera, plus my wallet, keys, etc. Multifunctional all the way!