Monday, 13 June 2011

Not exactly Glamping…

So. The campsite was nice..We’ve been there before a few years ago.  The rain held off until 4pm Sun, which was when we were heading home anyway :)


Our little 2 man tent is quite snug.

This is me looking ever-so-slightly-rough having not long got up.


This is why I am not a fashion blogger. I don’t always look tidy, and to be honest I’m quite happy with that. I don’t have the willpower to sort out different outfits for your approval.  Even though I do enjoy looking at fashion blogs, to be nosy and/or for inspiration I am always left wondering where they get the time from.  And this would be where I admit as we are among friends, that the only time I brush my hair is after I’ve washed it.

Other highlights of the camp, were the unveiling of a friends wonderful trailer, which they have transformed into a kind of field kitchen, complete with fridge, running water and sink.



Cool or what.

Our friends spaniel Gypsy loved.loved.loved the river.







Mr D enjoyed himself. He polished off the experimental Whiskey and Honey concoction he’d been experimenting with, it went down well in the camp! :)

Yey for camping with friends. To be recommended.

Now it’s back to the dinner, which is as we blog, probably stuck to the sides of the slow cooker right about now.



  1. Oh nice! I wish I could go camping soon!

  2. I am a fashion blogger and I don't always look tidy. Ha!

  3. I love that you go camping. I hardly ever do it but I would like to try glamping.

    And I'm only tidy before I leave the house. x

  4. I loved this post for so many reasons!!

    First of all will you believe I've never been camping before?? Never!! That is crazy!!! Miguelito wants to go camping and I am trying my best to make that a dream come true this summer!!

    Girl you are beautiful! And you look adorable in the first picture!!

    Ha! I never brush my hair - only like you after I shower! We have special pretty hair - it doesn't need brushing! It's naturally bouncy and oh so pretty :)
    Plus brushing your hair to much loosens up your hair follicles and it makes your hair fall out more!

    Have a great week love!!

    P.S.The concert was canceled due to bad weather, and it wasn't even that bad :(

    xo Karina

  5. I actually despise camping--it's just not my thing! But, I always admire those who like it. I wish I could enjoy it, and I definitely try, but it never turns out like I want it to : ) How about you stick to the camping and I'll stick to the fashion blogging ; )

  6. Oh how fun! I miss camping! I haven't done if for years now. And that trailer... wowser, that holds it all!!

    Happy Tuesday Dear! xo

  7. You look quite glam for roughing it! Love your friends' trailer-kitchen!

  8. OK! So, I want to do what the doggy does :).

  9. Kitchen on wheels? AWESOME!

    Looking forward to some summertime camping myself... If I can just get through the last few weeks of school!

  10. Wow! Love that kitchen trailer!

  11. Hi :) Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment on my blog. And please don't tell your husband... but what's a stroopwaffle??

  12. I love fashion blogs too, but my blog is about poems and crafts, because my hair is always crazy and my socks don't match. :)

    Your camping trip looks so fun!

  13. what a fun little camping trip! my 3yo has been asking to go for a while now and we need to take her.

    i love blogging about fashion, but only because i love clothes and it gives me a way to play with them. but it does take a lot of time. but i guess it's like my hobby so i enjoy it!

  14. Can't bear camping ever since a cow trampled my tent! but your post reminds me that I want to suggest going away with friends to a cottage....

  15. Thos dog photos are divine!!

    x Jasmine

  16. I'm open to the whiskey and honey experiment :)