Monday, 27 June 2011

When I’m not being a Gypsy

Before I show you the photos of my Gypsy weekend (yes we had a great time…thanks for asking, and the weather was fantastic) I thought I would share these couple of pics I took at work last week.


This pic was taken from the top of the steps which leads into the kitchen of the shop. Where we used to make the ice cream before we expanded and now make it off premises. Now we make the lunches and baked goodies in there mmm.

It’s looking empty and clean as I’ve only just opened the doors. See my bike just outside? That’s how I get to work if the sun is out :)


This is the other side of the doors…taken from the same place.


This ice cream is extremely popular! White Chocolate and Flake. Mmmmmmm


And look! Here’s me all ready to work…best I put the camera down and get on with it eh?!

See how I’ve just noticed I can put a little watermark on my photos? Go me! So now you can tell which are mine. If you cared.

Tomorrow I will show you my weekend fun. Of which there was much. Really did not want to come home, but I was in need of a shower. Baby wipes can only do so much you know.



  1. Looks a lovely place to work - we really must head down the coast sometime over the summer.

    That post camping weekend with only babywipes to wash with shower is bliss isn't it.

  2. It looks a fantastic shop. As for the ice cream, well one word;


    X x

  3. Ohhhhh that ice cream looks delicious ! Can't wait to see the pics from the weekend x

  4. I love that you gypsy about. I love being a gypsy, I have gypsy in my blood.

    That looks yummy, and you are adorable.

  5. What a gorgeous shop and the icecream looks so yummy. Cant wait to hear about your weekend.

  6. I love your life! Fun and work! Just the perfect balance.


  7. Looks like you had a blast, that ice cream looks delish!!

  8. i love that you posted about the shop!! i love that you get to work around ice cream..yumm

  9. Oh your work place looks so pretty. I'm sure it gives you motivation to work hard. And ice cream yum :)

  10. Do you sell ice cream by post? If so, please send forthwith. I have my spoon ready and waiting. Many thanks.

  11. I always wondered what your workplace looked like! Thanks for sharing Claire, it's a lovely little place!

  12. What a cute little work place! That ice cream flavour sounds delicious :D

    x Jasmine