Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Book Review No. 18!

 I read this last week…

Sophie Kinsella is an international bestselling writer and former financial journalist. She is the author of the number one bestsellers Can You Keep a Secret?, The Undomestic Goddess, Remember Me? and Twenties Girl as well as the hugely popular Shopaholic series, the first of which is now the hit Hollywood movie Confessions of a Shopaholic.


Becky Brandon (née Bloomwood) thought motherhood would be a breeze and that having a daughter was a dream come true – a shopping friend for life! But it’s trickier than she thought – two-year-old Minnie has a quite different approach to shopping.

She can create havoc everywhere from Harrods and Harvey Nicks to her own christening. She hires taxis at random, her favourite word is ‘Mine‘, and she’s even started bidding for designer bags on Ebay.

On top of everything else, there’s a big financial crisis. People are having to Cut Back – including all of Becky’s personal shopping clients – and she and Luke are still living with Becky’s mum and dad. To cheer everyone up, Becky decides to throw a surprise birthday party – on a budget. But then things become really complicated.

Who will end up on the naughty step, who will get a gold star, and will Becky’s secret wishes come true?

First 5 sentences…OK. Don’t panic. I’m in charge. I, Rebecca Brandon (née Bloomwood), am the adult. Not my two-year-old daughter. Only I’m not sure she realizes this. ‘Minnie, darling, give me the pony.’ I try to sound calm and assured, like Nanny Sue off the telly. ‘Poneeee.’ Minnie grips the toy pony more tightly. ‘No pony.’ ‘Mine!’ she cries hysterically. ‘Miiiine poneee!’

Where I got my hands on it.. My sister & I did a car boot sale a couple of weeks ago, and wandering around the stalls my beady eye caught this!! I was so excited as i had put off buying it when it came out, even though I really wanted to read it. I got it for a whole pound. In hardback.

The cover.. Exactly what you would expect from Sophie. Perfect chic lit cover

Made me want to… laugh.out.loud. This is funny. And I can laugh, as I don’t have any children, so my laugh is definitely at the people who take their little one’s Christmas shopping. And watch while their precious ones have a paddy in the middle of the store because they want the latest Barbie. Not with them.

Who’s the lucky duck that’s getting it next?.. Hmm. I think my sis mentioned that I had to give this to her when I finished it!

So. Who hasn’t read at least one Sophie Kinsella book? I confess I’ve read them all. Chic lit at it’s very best, this one did not disappoint. I think all parents my relate to this one somewhere!

My favourite book of Sophie’s is still Twenties Girl though..if you haven't read any of hers..then for your homework you can read that one Smile

Halfway through a very busy week. I am counting the days down till my next Gypsy adventure. Yes I cannot wait to sit in a field with thousands of others when Pimms o'clock stretches to all day and friends come & sit around the camp fire till the wee small hours.  Only 9 to go.

The mail man has been very kind to me this week, nice things have been dropping on my door mat..I will tell you all about them soon



  1. I confess I have never read any of these books they do sound like I would enjoy them so I must get one.

  2. I love the shopaholic books! They are my favorite (are you surprised?). But they seriously make me laugh out loud!!!

  3. I read this recently, I loved it!

  4. Eee! I simply adore her books. I've got and read all the Shopaholic ones. The only one I haven't read is Can you Keep a Secret and Twenties Girl. I will have to check that one out if you think it's great :)

  5. I stopped after the second shopaholic book. I really need to catch up!

  6. thanks for sharing sweety!
    anyway check mine if you have a chance ;)

  7. I've never read Shopaholic but now I feel like I really should! :)

    <3 Belly B

  8. I really want to read this ... it seems like such a good feel good book. When your sister finishes ... *wink wink*. I haven't read many of her books but I really, really loved Can You Keep a Secret? Perhaps reading about the main character's secrets, fears and bad points so intimately made me feel a little more normal! I love the style of reviewing you have! xo

  9. I've read all of the Shopaholic books (except this one), also Domestic Goddess (which I loved), but not yet got round to Twenties Girl or Can You Keep a Secret. Think one of them will have to be next (or nearly next) on my list.

  10. I LOVE Sophie Kinsella but I haven't heard the best review on this book. Still, I've read all the Shopaholic books so I feel like I should.

  11. Thank you for recommendation! Im going to check it out!)


  12. i always love a good, funny book! this was so neat how you laid out all the details:) this sounds like the perfect summer read!

  13. I haven't even seen the movie! Ill definitely check out the books though :)


  14. This sounds cute! I love the Shopaholic series; actually I love most chick lit :) So I look forward to checking this out!

    Have a great weekend!

  15. I have to confess (ha!) that I haven't read any of her books. BUT, I won 'Confessions of a Shopoholic' in a giveaway a little while ago, so now I can read it!

    x Jasmine