Monday, 25 July 2011

Musical Heaven

I’m Hommmmmmmeeee!!!

We had a good week, even though it rained the first 3 days straight, this is a bit of a good thing as it keeps the dust down on the tracks. We were on our annual trip to The War & Peace Show.

So many photos to show and tell. But for now, while I go have a shower…I thought I’d let you have a listen to the band that plays there every year. While the boys are looking at green stuff, I can usually be found in the main marquee, & this is the kind of thing i see.


The Jive Aces.


Have a look at their new single…which I found on you tube. The dancing is fab.

Takes a couple of minutes to get into..but worth it Smile

You know I love this kind of music. And so just  for your (or my) entertainment…I found these.  Sigh.



You know I had a great time.  I hope you did too, whatever you got up to last week …which I will be round to catch up later…



  1. Their dancing was amazing back then! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. such great music- I also think there is so much great music coming out this summer.

  3. Awwww, what fun music!! I bet y'all had SO much fun!!

  4. I love the old b&w Claire...they make it look so efffortless...I wish I could dance like that...

  5. Glad to hear you had such a wonderful time!

  6. Omg!!!! Claire I wish I could have been there with you!! It sounds like so much fun!!!

    I love, love ,love rock and roll!! eeekkkkk!!

    xo Karina xo

  7. i wish I could dance like that! it looks like so much fun. happy to hear you had a nice time!

  8. So special! Glad you had a good time!

  9. I love music like this too! It's so fun to dance to if you can learn even a few good moves! I love to watch dancing!

  10. Ice cream? Really? What? Where? How? (Excited much?).