Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Reasons to love the mail man

Before I begin waffling about my mail man love…I would like to invite you all to hop on over to my other blog.

I do a lot of treasure hunting in charity shops, car boots etc, which I never get around to posting..so I thought a separate space would be good. I won’t be posting as often over there, maybe once a week or so, but it will be in line with my Etsy Shop. The other reason is that I don’t want this blog to be cluttered up with my shop stuff.  There will be posts to inspire, things I’ve made, treasures I’ve found to sell on..

So (after you’ve read this post of course) come on over for a gossip!

our favourite things 

I love it when I come home from work and there’s interesting mail

The past week has brought me these goodies

Letter from the lovely Jasmine. All the way from down under.  Her letters always come bright and cheerful, and are a pleasure to open.


A while ago I won a giveaway from After Nine to Five…and look what came


A lovely pouch and pair of squirrel earrings. I might use the pouch to keep my jewellery treasures in for my Gypsy travels Smile

Another letter came from my friend much closer to home than Jasmine. The truth is, Lisa only lives an hour or so drive away, but we have written letters to each other since meeting in college. which is about 20 years ago……yikes….


I received my lovely package from Gracie's The Happy Mail Project.  I was paired with Katyha, and the project was My Life in Lists.




Her cute little pictures in the booklet she made, made me smile and she even included little extra note paper and lip gloss Smile

Put my effort to shame, but I will be more prepared for the next project!

Then there came the magazine…I confess to treating myself to this subscription as I saw a special offer for half the normal price..


Oh how I love these magazines…..sigh…

Got any lovely mail lately? Maybe you should send some. Make someone smile



  1. always lovely to get something on mail- i like to send too- some of my friends thinks is rediculus when i send something by post while i could wait to meet them ... but i know they love it - they live 40 min by train from me ; )

  2. These are all great reasons to love the mailman! When I received a thank you card from you from our summer swap I was SO happy! Reminds us how much we stil need to "tangible" mail :)

  3. So adorable. Cute items you get.

  4. I love getting fun things in the mail! These are awesome!! SO CUTE!

  5. I think all I ever get in the mail is bills ! :0(

    What a great idea to log all your charity shop/car boot finds - I'll be popping over there to see your treasures :0) xx

  6. oh Claire I am so glad you enjoyed my little package although I always blush a little when they are photographed...don't know why. Mail is always lovely though isn't it?

  7. All excellent reasons to love the postie! Hope he didn't bring bills too.

  8. I love getting anything in the mailminus bills lol-it's like a little christmas present early.

  9. I love getting nice mail AND magazines too. Really makes the day!

  10. LOVE getting mail!!

    I'm so glad you like my letters! I love getting yours too!

    x Jasmine