Sunday, 31 July 2011

Tea. Iced.

I have a confession.

I’ve never had it. Iced Tea that is. I’ve just never fancied it.

But. I came across a recipe the other day, which got me thinking.


Put 8 redbush (Rooibos) teabags in a measuring jug and add 500ml boiling water.  Leave to stand for 4 to 5 minutes then remove the tea bags.  Add a further 500ml chilled water then 3-4 tbsps caster sugar to taste.  Chill until thoroughly cold.  Put some mint leaves and 2 lemons or limes, thinly sliced, in a serving jug and stir lightly before serving dressed with more fresh mint.


It’s been hot today & sunny at last! And I’m thinking if the weather stays, I may well make a jug up to try.

I can just imagine sitting in the garden sipping some.

I could wear a Tea Dress like this one Smile


From This Etsy Store, which I just happened to stumble across whilst ‘window shopping’ you know…like you do n a Sunday evening.

Quite liking these de canters….anyone know what they are called?


So. For and against Iced Tea? Any special recipes or tips for a first timer?

Hope you all had a great weekend. We had the busiest day of the year so far today. My feet hurt. Not to mention my scooping wrist.

Oh….remind me to tell you about Friday night. Oh. My. Lordy. I definitely need a trip to the confessional after the hen night I went to. I’m not even sure the Hail Mary’s will cover it this time Winking smile



  1. I havent had iced tea before as well. Let me know how you go with it.

  2. My daughter introduced me to iced tea recently; she likes the raspberry one you get at Costa. I find it a bit sweet but had a go at making some myself. Just made it with ordinary PG but added sugar and some juiced frozen summer fruits. Tasted lovely and only took me about three hours to wash the juicer!

  3. I love my tea, but have never tried it on ice...just doesn't seem quite "right" to me...
    Sounds like an interesting hen's night Claire...

  4. I love, love, love iced tea! You really must try it, Claire. I think you'll be a convert!

  5. I've never tried iced tea either .... but I'm liking the sound of the recipe you posted!

    Yay for hot and sunny weather, long may it continue (especially as I'm on hols next week!)

    Ohhhhh spill the beans on the hen-night, sounds intriguing and a lot of fun ! haha

  6. i'm an iced-coffee person.

    i only discovered i liked tea after trying chai, and then discovered i liked ordinary tea if i had it with honey. i wonder if i would like iced-tea more if it were sweetened with honey instead of plain sugar?

  7. I love ice tea. Although I don't have any recipes. I like your imagined afternoon though with the pretty dress, those jar things (I have no idea what they are called).

    I think it's best for a hot summer day. x

  8. I can't drink pre-mixed ice tea (darn gluten), but I love making iced tea. It's soooo refreshing!

    x Jasmine

  9. try it you will love it...add some cold lemon juice to it,or lemon ice will taste divine!
    PS: love your blog!

  10. Iced Tea is really yummy! (P.S. Please check your e-mail for a Love & Envelopes reply ;)

  11. maybe you just haven't found the right one. I always like a peach tea :)

  12. i love iced tea!!! maybe coming originaly from Greece has something to do with it! good receipe thanks for sharing : )

  13. I haven't try iced tea before. It seem really nice to drink.

  14. Mmm iced tea. I like mine straight up - no sweetness. We had a mango iced tea at Caribou that I LOVED! I also loved doing half green jasmine and half peppermint. Yum.

  15. there's nothing like plain sweet tea to make a hot summer afternoon cooler. but i also like iced green tea or mint tea is great too!

  16. Claire!!! I got your card and lil notepad!!! So sweet! I loved it! It was such a welcomed surprise and to read that your birthday is this month too is even sweeter! Happy birthday!!!!!
    Thank you so much. I really truly appreciated receiving your note in the mail, something we don't do enough of these days.
    xo Tara